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Culture Activities

Culture Activities Inside the Classroom Presentation for Sapporo Orientation 2013

Amanda B

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Culture Activities

Culture Activities Inside the Classroom
International Exposure
Classroom English
Katakana vs. English
Pop Culture
Books/TV/Movies/Video Games
Current Events

Make references, use what your students are interested in
Sapporo Orientation 2013
Your first task as an ALT
Great way to talk about your own culture
Self-Introduction Lesson: ALT BINGO
- Students answer multiple choice questions about me & fill in their answers on a BINGO sheet
Lesson Activity
- ALT gives presentation about herself
- Students follow along & mark their correct answers on their BINGO sheet
- Students who get BINGO will be given a prize
- Class will have chance to ask the ALT questions
A. South Africa
B. America
C. Japan

Where Am I From???

What state am I from?

15 Hours!

How many hours was my flight from Georgia to Hokkaido???

Do you know Georgia Coffee???

Projects Inside & Outside the Classroom
English Board
English Passport
Pen Pals/ Postcard Exchanges
Class Blog
Contact Info
Email: ramandabakar@gmail.com
Facebook: Rashidat Amanda Bakar
*Usually taken for granted how much gestures are used in communication
* Not universal
* Introduce gestures/expressions that you may unconsciously use during class (my students make fun of me for how much I talk with my hands)
Discussion Tools
Classroom English
Warm Up
Classroom Word Relay
Lesson Activities
Classroom English Vocabulary
Simon Says Review
Wrap Up
BINGO (...mata bingo)
Repeat after me.

Raise your hand

Sit down

Stand up

Work in Groups

Put your hand down

How do you say _____ in English/Japanese?

Katakana vs. English
*Great for practicing vocabulary, spelling, learn about "wasei-eigo", and correct pronunciation
*Many people assume that all Katakana is derived from English...
Holidays, Festivals, Vacations
*Students can weigh in with their background knowledge and discuss their traditions.
*Share how other countries celebrate in comparison



What did you do over Winter Vacation?

1. I visited friends in Obihiro.
2. I went snowboarding for the first time.
3. I celebrated Christmas with friends.
4. I ate soup curry.
5. I read 2 books.

Winter Vacation Phrases

Went shopping and bought _____________
Traveled to___________________
Visited family in____________________
Did _________________ club activity
Played ______________
Went skiing/snowboarding at ______________________
Got ______________ for Christmas
Did ____________ for New Years Eve

Stand Up, Sit Down Questionnaire

*Incites discussion & can be used for any broad topic
*Basic way to get students talking

Here and There

*Used to discuss comparisons between different countries/cultures/groups/etc...
*Spice up textbook dialogues & role play scenarios
- use popular celebs & characters: ask & observe what students are into, celebrities back home and from the 90s are popular
*Easy conversation topic when casually chatting with students between classes, especially when you learn who they are interested in

*Background music
*Word Grabs & Fill-in-the-Blanks Relay Games
*Translation /Word Recognition
*Introduce students to music from your culture
Movies/TV & Anime/Books/Video Games

*Use clips as visual realia to expand on lesson topics
- Holidays
- Themes
- Target Language
*Use dialogues to focus on target language, conversation skills
*Story Prompt Relays - use characters, scenarios, settings to have students create short stories

Current Events
*Great for higher level schools & English Boards
- Video clips for realia
- Listening activities
- Presentation/Debate topics
- Interesting articles: www.newseum.org

Johnny Depp

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Valentine`s Day "Speed Dating"
Practice natural conversation skills in a fun, creative way.
English Boards
A collection of interesting & informative tidbits:
Anything related to English
: English phrases, practice points, Eiken info, song lyrics, etc...
Cultural Points
: maps, pictures, fun facts & simple explanations about different cultures, realia, etc...
: games & puzzles, event advertisements, exchange letters, CD rentals, etc...
English Passport
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