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Music Project: Christian Rock

No description

Sarah Mohammed

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Music Project: Christian Rock

By: Sarah Mohammed Religious: Christian Rock Roots of Christian Rock The genre Christian Rock is said to have originated in the 1960's. They say that many visionaries began to record Jesus music and early God Rock songs. Christian rock according to the type of band sounds similar to every type of rock,from alternative to heavy metal. They require most of the same instruments. However Christian rock requires more variety of instruments. Influence Christian Rock has had on different media sources. This genre has influenced popular culture today by allowing believers of Christ to be able to worship in the open also majorly the youths of the nation to worship openly and give them a sense of pride and joy through the music Future of Christian Rock Evidence of Earlier Music styles present today Who are the target audience? This genre at the beginning targeted the younger generation and was used to make them more interested in church and allow them to express themselves in church.
However of this day and age the genre has changed to be universal where people of all ages listen to the music. Music- Style of Christian Rock Christian Rock Music Artists Some of these visionaries that set the foundation for christian music on a hold include : Tommy Dorsey (Father of Gospel)Mamie Smith, Reverend McGee, Blind Willie Johnson and Dinwiddle Colored Quartet(recorded the first gospel music). Christian rock's roots are also linked to the beginning of rock and roll. After the pioneers set the ground for Christian Rock a group of hippies started the Jesus People movement that promoted the beginning of Christian Rock. Afterward the music spread many people began to enjoy it and began to form bands across the U.S The Band Petra. This band can be dated back to 1972. They are considered legends of Christian Rock. This band set the bar for many other Christian rock bands. Many bands follow their style not sound wise but lyrically. They share the same messages and values. Some of these bands include: Switchfoot, Skillet, Lifehouse, flyleaf, Jesus Culture and Sleeping Giant, Christian rock has it's own uniqueness from up beats songs with raging guitars to soft beats with the accompaniment of the box guitar and a few other instruments that allows the style share its unique rhythm. Instruments used in Christian Rock These instruments include : Guitars ( electric, acoustic and bass), drums, keyboards, pianos, key tars,percussion instruments, trumpets, trombones, violins and flutes. Hillsong : Mighty to Save Skillet: Awake and Alive The youths now became open in their beliefs, and as a group also they became comfortable in this choice of music. Also as the bands became more popular the concerts in which they held became a cool and entertaining performance attend. Christian rock has had a great influence on media. This genre has been featured in several well know movies. For example: Skillet-"Awake and Alive" featured in Transformers Dark Of The Moon. Other examples include : Some other movies that included christian rock : "Mama I want to sing", "Soul Surfer" and " The Passion Of Christ" Besides movies Christian rock music has it's own radio stations across the world that are streamed on the net live as well as in regular radios. For example : www.christianrock.net ,air1 radio station,K-LOVE - 87.7 - Klove Christian Music and many more. Besides those two, Christian rock also affects each media in different ways.There are various television shows, internet pages and online groups dedicated to broadcasting this genre of music. The future of this genre is said to be dying according to few writers however multiple other sources such as bands like Hillsong and Jesus Culture have proven them wrong as the genre has been prospering and continues to as various new bands promoting the genre become main stream every year. This genre's future is bright and will expand as this type of music is becoming more well known. How the genre influenced popular culture.
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