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Inclusion in

No description

Jamie Patterson

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Inclusion in

Works Cited

"Concerns About and Arguments Against Inclusion And/or Full Inclusion." - Issues ...about Change, Inclusion: The Pros and Cons, Volume 4, Number 3. Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL), 1995. Web. 29 Mar. 2014. <>.

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GE Students:
“Inclusion is as much about (special needs) kids reaching their potential as it is about normal kids reaching their compassion potential.” —

- Sky King (“Inclusion Quotes ’12”)

For GE students
Inclusion in
the classroom

“When we include people who are on the margins of our community it strengthens the moral fabric of our community as a whole.”
-Ian Engle, Executive Director at the Center for People with Disabilities

What does inclusion look like?
Incorporating SE students into some or all GE classrooms
May or may not be accompanied by an aid
Why is this Important?
Studies show that inclusion of SE students leads to:

Improved standardized tests scores
Mastery of Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals
More positive interactions with peers
Motivation to learn*
On-task behavior*

(National Center for Educational Restructuring and Inclusion, 1995)
Counterargument: Unqualified teachers?
Only time in the day for GE and SE students to interact
Harder for SE students to make friends
Need some common ground with GE students

Counterargument: Opportunity for ridicule?
Teaches students to appreciate differences & how to interact with different groups of people
Good life skill
Opportunity to learn from SE students
“This dual system does not adequately prepare students with disabilities [AND GE STUDENTS] for the ‘real world,’ because the ‘real world’
is not divided into ‘regular' and ‘special’”
(Concerns About & Arguments Against Inclusion And/or Full Inclusion).
Counterargument: Slow down class?
"Not having respectful, meaningful, direct experiences with people with disabilities fosters prejudice among the general public" (Schwarz, 7, 2006)
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