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Transcendentalism Through Pop Culture

No description

Lauryn Nebres

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Transcendentalism Through Pop Culture

Transcendentalism Through
Pop Culture Lauryn Nebres
Katie Neibarger
Jesi Donovan Who Says
-Selena Gomez Transcendentalism Free Thought Songs These women represent confidence because they know they don't have "Perfect" bodies but they love the skin they're in. They love their bodies regardless of their flaws. Advertisment Self-Reliance Tv Shows This song relates to free thought because she's questioning why you would let someone's view control how you feel about yourself or how you live your life. Wake Up America
-Miley Cyrus Importance Of Nature This Song relates to the importance of nature because it helps us realize how poorly we treat the Earth and that we need to work together to fix it. Confidence "Dove" Soap Models Glee is a great example of self-reliance. It shows that you should always listen to your heart and be true to yourself. Movies Non-Conformity The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a good example of non-conformity because it shows how to stand out as an individual. This film is about three teenagers who don't want to be like everyone else. The Perks of Being
A Wallflower Start at 1:40 Confidence This video, from the television show MadTV represents confidence. It shows how much courage it takes to ask a complete stranger for their phone number
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