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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Isabel and Gabby English

Gabriellle Bayne

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of A Midsummer Night's Dream

"Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion."
-Javan Shakespeare uses the contrasts of a persons illusion versus reality to further develop the major theme of love in a Midsummer Night's Dream. Illusion Vs. Reality By Isabel and Gabby Bottom and Titania Illusion Throughout the play, illusions are being used to distort and deceive characters impressions on true love. Reality The reality within A Midsummer Night's Dream represents the characters true love and desires. Illusions and Reality Connected Although we may think of illusions and realities as separate, there may come a time where they will intertwine. Bottom and Titania's love demonstrates how the influence of magically infused items can lead to individuals having an unrealistic perception on true love. The illusion that Titania had toward Bottom shows how doting can be mistaken for love. Titania expresses her affection towards Bottom stating that, "Thou art wise as thou art beautiful." (3.1.131) Titania's compliment portrays the fact that love can be misguided by an illusion. Although Bottom was truly an ass, the potion allowed Titania to fall for someone who in reality would never appeal to her. Demetrius and Helena While Demetrius and Helena's relationship was far from simple, it demonstrated what can happen when illusions and realities come together. Although at first Demetrius found Helena's advances towards him repulsive behind the illusion of the flower, he grew to love her. Before Demetrius had experienced the magic within the flower he advised Helena not to tempt him because he felt sick when he looked upon her.
When illusion and reality finally became one, Demetrius's impression of Helena had changed for the better. "... Now I do wish it, love it, long for it, and will for evermore be true to it." (4.1.174-75) Demetrius and Helena's love is an example of how illusions can have an affect on reality. While illusions may not portray someone's true feelings, it may lead to them discovering hidden affection. Despite the fact that Demetrius viewed Helena as a nuisance, the illusion helped him to realize in reality, he truly loved her. Lysander and Hermia Lysander and Hermia's relationship displays that true love can withstand many obstacles. Their problems included the reality of not having Egeus's blessing, having jealous friends, receiving death threats, and a forced marriage. Reality is the window which allowed them to view their commitment towards one another. Lysander expresses the fact that he will not let others dictate their relationship stating, "I am belov'd of beauteous Hermia, why should not i then prosecute my right?" (1,1,104-05) Lysander and Hermia's love remained constant throughout the play. Although their relationship had many obstacles, the reality is their love was real. Even with illusions trying to distract Lysander, his love towards Hermia kept him aware of his intentions while they were in reality. The dilemmas within reality allowed Lysander and Hermia to further develop their relationship and strengthen their love. Although reality may seem difficult to cope with, it is important to remember it represents true desires. In the play a Midsummer Night's Dream the characters true love was tested by the problematics within illusions as well as realities. It is important to remember to not base your decisions on illusions and to focus on what what happens in reality. This trailer is an example of how illusions and external forces can help alter our reality.
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