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Ayuruedic Medicine

By: sheridan desney kyle

Second Ayuruedic Medicine

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Ayuruedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine
By: Sheridan Desney Kyle Ayurveda means life knowledge or the science of life. If you want to live longer you should keep the three elements balance.Imagine what your skin would look like in 500 years.
EWWWWWWWW!!! Talk about wrinkles. shjhdg Questions a Ayurvedic Doctor might ask is how much you sleep, what you eat, what moods are you mostly in, when you workout and how much, and where do you work and when do you work. If you ask me this doctor is being a bit too nosie!!!!! Some intresseting facts are that these doctors belivie that the mind body and soul are all connected in some way. These doctors where also the first to provide plastic surergy (bet the men came up with that one) and were the first to give shots. They also belivie that you are warned with signs and if they are forgotten you get sick. THE END!!!!!!!
I know i'm glad!!!:) Treatments the doctor might give you are, speacial diet herbal medicine, mediatateing, oil massages, listening to speaical music and smelling scented oil.
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