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Building a Duck Slide

No description

Taylor Sierocinski

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Building a Duck Slide

-Built a duck slide with Kadie
-Made a plan.
-Got the materials needed to build it.
-Took time to put it together.
-Painted it.
*Built a smaller replica of the actual slide.

Where did you do this project?
-This project took place at my house.
-In my garage.

Why did you pick this project?
-We had seen a video on this, and thought that it would be a cool, new, and interesting project to tryout.
-Something “different.”

What did you learn?
-I had learned how to properly use and handle different tools and machinery, along with responsibility and working together to complete the project.
How will you use this info in the future?
-This project taught me how to use different tools, so in the future if i want to build something, i will know how to use them.
-Might help me with building something in the future.
Me and Kadie building and painting our slide.
How this slide works
Building a Duck Slide
What did you do?
By: Taylor Sierocinski
Animal Science 2
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