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Copy of A Woman to her Lover

Year 10 exam prep.

Ruth India Heatley

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of A Woman to her Lover

A Woman to her Lover "A wingless angel" "To bear you children,
wearing out my life in
drudgery and silence" A Woman to her Lover was written by Christina Walsh between 1850 and 1900. It is a poem about marriage expectations and is written in the form of a marriage contract. I will be exploring the relationship presented in the poem. The poem is written from a woman’s viewpoint and highlights the restraints placed on women at the time.

While we read through, think about whether the narrator is being UNREALISTIC or REALISTIC... CONTEXT The poem helps to show that men were able to control women and manipulate them into what they wanted. This is shown through the quote, "do you come to bend me to your will". This shows the woman’s expectations. She is worried that if they get married, she will be controlled by the man. She does not want to be a "slave" to all the man's needs. The poet uses punctuation for effect. The exclamation mark shows that the woman is angry. Repetition is used to emphasise the woman’s strong feelings. "I refuse you" In control - quite daring for the time it was written Activity One: Rewrite the poem in modern English Write down as many bullet points as you can think of to say what you think a perfect relationship should be like...

E.g. - Respect for each other Starter The woman has no freedom, she cannot fly and always must be there for the man Women only used for their ability to have children and bodies, and must do what they are told in silence "Bondslave" The narrator does not want to be a "slave" to a husband The woman does not want to be used as an object, a plaything. "No doll to dress" She does not just want to be used for sex "clamorous desire" "Not for you the hand of any wakened woman of our time" The narrator is being very modern - no intelligent woman would be with him. She is being realistic. Modern - gets rid of traditional ideas. This is what a modern woman would want "Wakened Woman" She wants an EQUAL relationship with him, which is REALISTIC, especially for nowadays. "I shall be your comrade, friend, and mate, to live and work, to love and die with you" Realistic experiences - not all about sex (passion), but also other things in life "that so we may know the purity and height of passion, and of joy and sorrow" She wants an EQUAL relationship - this will allow them to be happy "I am yours forever and our co-equal love will make the stars to laugh with joy" "hand holding hand" "circling fugue" Think about the expected roles of men and
women in relationships. E.g... Or Activity 2:
Draw the three types of women discussed in the poem (slave, wingless angel and wakened woman). Write an explanation of each WITH QUOTATIONS around your image. E.G... Write your name on your post -it. Place it on the line of understanding! Plenary name
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