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Advantages & Problems with Papyrus

No description

Juan Esteban

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Advantages & Problems with Papyrus

Advantages & Disadvantages
Papyrus paper In this Prezi Presentation i will show you the advantages & disadvantages of the Papyrus Easy to make Disadvantages Advantages Durable Rotting Nile Delta The papyrus was quite easy to make, and quick too and the fact that it was actually just stips that were pressed together is quite incredible that the Papyrus paper was just stips of a plant layed one on top of eachother Erasing One of the big advantages of the papyrus was that the writer was able to erase the content of the papyrus with water,
this was very handy in case you did a mistake.
this was possible because when the ink would get wet the ink would wash away The papyrus paper is natural and eco friendly,
the paper is made very, very durable by the criss-cross
the juices & shugars are removed from the paper
and The water soaking help the papyrus stay in one
piece after it is pressed on by a stone unfortunately the papyrus paper is not perfect, if it is left in a wet place wth the time the papyrus will rott this is what has stopped many egyptologysts from discovering many egyptian tales One of the biggest disadvantages of the papyrus paper is that since it is made from the papyrus plant it is hard to get the plant since the plant is only forund in swampy palces/areas
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