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Products and Services

No description

suwitrisna putra

on 23 April 2016

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Transcript of Products and Services

Industry and Marketplace Analysis
Industry Analysis
Products and Services
Deskripsi Produk
Bahan Cotton Combed 30S
Sablon Fosfor
Harga @ Rp.110.000,-
Service Produksi
Marketplace Analysis
Marketplace Buyer Analysis
Marketplace Competitor Analysis
Marketing Plan
Target Market Strategy
Jumlah pelajar dan mahasiswa Indonesia yang sangat banyak
Gaya hidup komsumtif yang dimiki sangat tinggi.
Pelajar dan mahasiswa cenderung mengikuti trand berpakaian yang terus berkembang
Kreativitas para pelajar dan mahasiswa yang sangat tinggi
Product/Service Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Harga umum
Harga tambahan
Harga discount
Distribution Strategy
Advertising and Promotion Strategy
Mulut ke mulut
Jejaring sosial dan internet
Operation Plan
Operations Strategy
Unit Promosi
Scope of Operations
Ongoing Operations
Development Plan
Development Timeline
Management Plan
Company Organizations
Financial Plan
(Funding Request)

Investment Requirements
Valuation of Business
Exit Strategies
Biaya Investasi
Biaya Variabel
Proyeksi Pendapatan
Proyeksi Laba Rugi
Proyeksi Arus Kas
Perhitungan BEP
BEP Unit
BEP Rupiah
BEP Unit = Biaya Tetap / (harga per unit – biaya variable per unit)
= Rp.565.000 / ( Rp.110.000 – Rp.70.000 )
= 14.1
= 14 unit

BEP Rupiah = (Total Fixed Cost)/(Harga jual per unit-variable cost) x Harga Jual per Unit
= (Rp.565.000)/(Rp.110.000 - Rp.70.000) x Rp.110.000
= Rp. 1.553.000

Aplikasi BEP untuk penghitungan target laba
BEP – Laba = (Biaya Tetap + Target Laba) / (Harga per unit – Biaya Variable/ unit)
= ( Rp.565.000 + Rp.2.000.000 ) / ( Rp.110.000 – Rp.70.000/unit)
= Rp.2.565.000 / Rp.40.000
= 64.1 = 64 unit

Company Overview
Mission Statement
History and Current Status
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