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Lindsay's eventful birthday!

No description

Lindsay Helock

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Lindsay's eventful birthday!

Lindsay's Eventful Birthday! April 15, 2000
Famous People Born on April 15
Leanardo da Vinci: 1452
Charles Wilson Peale: 1741
Henry James: 1843
Thomas Benton Hart: 1889
Bessie Smith: 1894
Sir George Cadbury:1929
Roy Clark: 1933
Eleanor Schick: 1942
Bessy Smith: 1894
Historical Events, April 15
Titanic Sank: 1912
Belson Concentration Camp Liberated: 1945
Income Tax Pay-Day
Rubber Eraser Day
Jackie Robinson Breaks Color Barrier
Abraham Lincoln Dies
Flower: Daisy
Symbolizes childhood innocence
Can be brewed as a tea to sooth sore throats and stomach aches
Gemstone: Diamond
White and clear
Ancient Hindus called it the Diamond "Vajara" meaning lightening because of its invincible strength
Abraham Lincoln Dies
Died at 7:22 a.m.
16th president
Bullet wound
Shot the night before by John Wilkes Booth
Shooter was an actor and Congederate Sympathizer
Booth planned on kidnapping him on March 20, 1865 but Lincoln didn't show up to planned spot
Booth came into the president's private box unnoticed and shot Lincoln in the back of the head
Titanic Sinking
Sunk at 2:20 a.m.
Sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean
Carried 2,200 passengers
Hit an iceberg
Ruptured at least 5 of it's hull compartments
Water came rushing into the hull compartments
Titanic went vertical and then split in half
Jackie Robinson Breaks Color Barrier
1947, age 28, he became the first African-American player in Major Leauge Baseball
Exactly 50 years later (April 15, 1997) Jackie's groundbreaking career was honored and his number (42) was retired
Born January 31, 1919, died October 24, 1972
Attended University of California where he was the first athlete to letter in four varsity sports (baseball, basketball, football, and track)
Joined army in 1942
Harder than any other substance on Earth
Queen Victoria declared the celebration of her 50th year of reign a "Diamond Jubilee"
During the middle ages people thought the diamonds healed illnesses
Formed deep within the earth where there's intense heat and pressure
Diamonds are simply crystallized carbon
Volcanic activity brought them to Earth's surface centuries ago
Mostly found in Australia, Soviet Union, and Africa
Weather Statistics: April 15,2000
Minimum temperature, 44 degrees
Maximum temperature, 62 degrees
Dew Point, 51 degrees
Maximum Humidity, 100
Minimum Humidity, 77
Wind speed 3 mph
Max wind speed, 6 mph
Events, fog and rain
Most popular names for 2000
Lindsey (Even though I spell my name Lindsay) was 157th most popular for 2000
21,625 babies were named Lindsey
Twin brother's name (Nicholas) was 14th most popular in 2000
177,469 babies named Nicholas
April 15 Zodiac
People pleasers who are sometimes willing to sacrifice honesty in a relationship in order to maintain the status quo
Have childlike innocence, sweetness, generosity, and kindness
Do good in advertising and design
Get married young
Aries the Ram
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Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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