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Motivating Your Team

No description

Lauren Bird

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Motivating Your Team

Ways to Motivate
your team:
1. Create a pleasant atmosphere
2. Recognize outstanding
3. Offer Rewards
Human Drivers
The Collector

The Killer
The Socializer
The Explorer
Leadership styles that work:
Motivate Your Team
to the Top

Collaborate Leadership
Charismatic Leadership
Servant Leadership
The Overall
Commitment & Action
Peer and problem solvers
Build a broad involvement

Hope & Encouragement

Servant Leadership
Leadership as a process
Charm & Personality

Makes employees feel important
Others before self
Majority Rule
Shares the spotlight
Sets up success
Individualized Influence
Creating Space
Employee Newsletter
Thank Them
Team Building Methods:
Create Space
Employee Newsletter
Thank Them

1. Picking team members
2. Skills and Knowledge
6. Pick a leader
3. What drives your employees and unites them
4. Communicating and Helping
5. Progress and Commitment
Team Building Activities
The overall objective
Resolving Problems
The expected
Who to pick
Why it is important
Possible failure
Gaining skill and knowledge
Getting to know each other
Strengthening each individual and the team as a whole
Learning to rely on one another
Inspirational Influence

Individualized Consideration

Intellectual Stimulation

-Commitment & Action
-Peer problem solvers
-Hope & Encouragement

-Charm and personality
-Make employees feel important
-Others before self
-Majority Rule
-Shares the spotlight

-Peer Problem Solver

Raise Performance Level
Increase Motivation
Increase Motivation
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