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No description

jeannine morse

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of R.A.C.E


R is for Restate
Restate your answer
Do not copy the question word for word
"Should all children own a pet? "
I''ve always wondered if all children should be pet owners.

answer the question
use a complete sentence with two to three details

eg. I think that it is a lot of responsibility to own a pet. I don't believe all children should own a pet.
The author in the book I read explained that it takes
a lot of patience to be a pet owner.
Explain your answer

Give answers from the text.
Example, In the passage from
the book "The life of a Dog" the
author says it takes a lot of
patience to be a pet owner.
Kick it up a notch!
BAM! Add figurative language to spice things up~

SIMILE, METAPHOR or perhaps a hyperbole!

Owning a dog is like riding my bike up Mount Everest!
Like the tree you are constantly growing as a writer. You can do this!
Good luck on your journey!
Morseopolis Productions!
Make a connection to yourself or
something you have seen or read.
Example: "At my school..."
"This reminds me of ..."
"I read a book once that...
" Present an idea or note similarities/differences
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