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Proud to be a Police Explorer

Around my Junior yr in High School. However, during the experience, I had a blast with my officers and partners. This is what i am proud of !! Glad that i finished but this career was not right for me.

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Proud to be a Police Explorer

Proud to be a police explorer
by chelsea rojas

Started Junior yr in High School twice in the Fox Lake Police Department.
First in June 12 2011 - July 11 2011
Started Criminal Justice in High School Technology Campus Junior Yr.
Second in June 23 2012 - August 10 2012
Program can be short depending how many apply.
Career Search
First Experience
Complex Physical activity.
Weight lifting
Night Shifts activities
10 Codes
Gun sessions
Due to my Height/Weight it was difficult. Practice, practice, practice helped me finished these challenges but later improved through out the program.
Left me, Officer Jaime, K-9 Buster & Right Officer Matuski, K-9
This is what i am proud of !!
Fox Lake Post 300 2011
As a beginner, i started as an Explorer Basic Training. Second time, I was an Advance Explorer/SWAT Basics almost like this. Overall, learning and having this experience is what i am proud of. In the end, I will apply this experience in any form i see fit. As well as keeping everyone safe and sound.
(Thanks to Morgan Galowich, and Taylor Kibeliski for being my partners and a team)
Watch this Video!
Using these SKills
Target aim
Love the action
Amazing Strength (especially holding a baton & handgun)
Physical attack/defense techniques
Group & Leadership
Gun (safety on/off, load/unload)

Any questions, comments, issues or concerns?
Follow ME:

Music by:
Rise Against - Help is on the way (Youtube Video SOng)

Watch this Video!
(Thanks to Taylor Kibeliski the first on left)
I've used these skills especially the physical defense techniques. As a girl, knowing how to defend myself from strangers and others is a must.
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