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Biodegradable & Biomagnification

No description

josh brownell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Biodegradable & Biomagnification

Biodegradeble and Biomagnification Presented by Josh B.
and Brandon Wooton Biomagnification Biomagnification is when compounds are not recycled or put into the atmospere. They are stored by fatty tissues and passed on thru prededtion virtually unchanged. So as the food chain goes on it will possibly end up in humans and could possibly damge us Like Her It doesnt show in many of the smaller animals but as the toxins move up in the food chain the effects are magnified Biodegradable Biodegradble means being able to be broken down by natural process. Or in other words the sun and the oxygen breaks it down into natural compounds, in a perfect world it would specifically break down into just oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon compounds So almost anything is biodegradble it just depends on how long it takes to biodegrade Even her The end
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