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p ros

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Neptune

2 Labs
4 Crews Quarters
3 Storage
1 Common Room
1 Game Room
2 Satellite Pods
2 Visit Pod (The Ones We Take To Neptune)

Note - Each pod will have a greenhouse on top except for visit and satellite pods.
This is a rough design of our spaceship.

Will have titanium frame and rest made out of aluminum, with thick blankets in between
People will rarely go outside (only to fix spaceship)
Energy and Food
We will bring as much food as possible, and will eat plants that grow in our greenhouses
We will use nuclear power and we will burn the methane in the atmosphere for our power.
we will need about 50 people, we will also have to bring food, seeds, dirt, wood, 2 satellites, water, metal, piranha, and goldfish.
lower camera in dark spot
Neptune is a gas planet so it will be hard to live there
there may be fish type things there
also there my be things on one of the moons because there is ice on it.
2,700,000,000 Miles (2.7 Billion Miles)
Voyager 2 tracked a large dark storm in Neptune's . Great Dark Spot
Neptune cannot support life as we know it.

Despite its great distance from the sun and lower energy input, Neptune's winds are three times stronger than Jupiter's and nine times stronger than Earth
Neptune has 13 moons
Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to visit Neptune
Neptune has six rings
Like the other gas giants, Neptune does not have a solid surface. It is the eighth planet from the sun and it is also a hot combination of water.
Voyager 2 = big part of Neptune discoveries
Neptune orbits around the sun around every 165 years. Neptune is at an average distance of 2.8 billion miles (4.5 billion km) away from the sun. Neptune spins on its own axis every 16 hours, compared to 24 hours on Earth.
The atmosphere of Nptune is made up of around 80% hydrogen, 18.5% helium, and 1.5% methane.
Due to its far distance from the sun Neptune has an extremely cold outer atmosphere with temperatures averaging around -220 degrees C (-364 degrees F). Temperatures at its center rise to around 5000 degreesC (9000 degreesF).
Gravity: 10.71 m/s2 (1.1 times stronger than Earth's Gravity)
Neptune has an axial tilt of 28.5°which is pretty close to earths
Seasons on Neptune last more than 40 years!

We are planning to land on Triton. Before we land, we will send robots to make a platform so we can land.
We would neeed to bring oxogen (a lot of it), plants, soil, minerals, water, and other things that are important to making/producing life. We will also be bringing a couple of satellites, a boat like machine, and a submarine like machine.
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