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Sephora MKTG 370

No description

hsuen hua wan

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Sephora MKTG 370

Outline 3 History Number of Stores Target
Market 1 A Competitors analysis 4 2 Promotion Strategy Company overview the meaning of "Sephora" It is a combination of "sephos", which is Greek for "beauty" and the Greek form of Zipporah, which was the name of Moses's wife in the Bible To deliver superior products
To make people attractive and beautiful
To create value
To make a significant difference in a beauty industry SWOT analysis Product Assortment Self-service approach
Variety in product assortment
High loyalty developed by Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program and the VIB Program
The ability to track customers’ buying habits
The “Science of Sephora” program
In-store beauty expertise
Take-away samples Strengths Limited men products
Uneven location distribution
Higher prices than drug stores
or mid-priced retailers. Weaknesses Opportunities Increase the number of men's products
Develop cosmetic products for different races
Green cosmetic line Threats Too many competitors
Barriers to enter different Markets To deliver superior products
To make people attractive & beautiful
To create value
To make a significant difference in a beauty industry Missions History 1970: the first Sephora is opened as Shop 8 by
Dominique Mondonnaud
1996: re-named as "Sephora"
1997: Dominique Mondonnaud sold the entire
Sephora to LVMH
1998: Sephora expended its territory to the U.S.
1999: Launched its U.S. online store
2006: Penetrated into JCPenny 1,300 stores in 27 countries

In the U.S.
over 280 stand-alone stores
386 stores inside of JCPenny malls Number of Stores Target Market Women from 20 and above of ages Men who are 20-40 Value beauty and fashion but want the hands-on experiences Product Assortment 250+ brands & 11,000+ products
350 fragrance lines
250 men's cologne
100 treatment collections
privates labels Q & A 5 SWOT Analysis 6 Promotion
Strategies 7 Q & A Celebrities endorsement
Fashion Magazine
Sephora Project
Social Media
Beauty Insider
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