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No description

Ashley Dawson

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Wicca

Wicca Devil Worshippers Black Magic Male Wiccans are
called Wizards/warlocks MISCONCEPTIONS Sexual Deviants Cast spells to harm others Killing babies/child abuse Anti-Christian Human/animal
sacrifices Have/develop
mental illnesses Wiccans have a dark bible Law of Three Whatever you send out,
you will recieve back times 3. Some people believe in the
ninefold law of return, which is
where good energy returns times 3,
but negative energy returns times 9.
(3x3) Bide The Wiccan Laws Ye Must,
In Perfect Love And Perfect Trust,
Eight Words The Wiccn Rede Fulfil,
An' It Harm None,
Do What Ye Will. This is what a witch looks like, right? THIS is what a witch looks like. The rivival of witchcraft begain in 1899 and spread
throughout North America, Great Britain, and Scandinavia. By the end of the twentienth century,
Wicca was the eigth largest religion in America. According to the Witches' Voice website,
at the beginning of the twenty-first century there was
an estimated 1 million Wiccans in the U.S.A. and 3 million around the world. The witches' new year is held on October 31. The veil between the living and dead world is the thinnest. Lanterns are set out to guide ancesters home. Souls of those who have died pass to the other world and the souls of those to be born pass to this world.
Samhain cellebrates the Goddess as the Crone. Candles and bon fires are lit to welcome the sun back Yule is when the Goddess gives birth to the Sun God. Seven candles are lit to "call back" the sun after it has set for Imbolic. This is when the Goddess is renewed as the Maiden. It is also the time of dedication and initiation. Ostara celebrates the time of the grain harvest The animal kingdom has the highest energy at this time. The first and best fruits are offered to the God as thanks for fertility. Eggs are painted to celebrate. Beltane is the second biggest holiday. Celebrates the marrige of the God and Goddess. The Goddess changes from maiden to mother. Celebrated by dancing around the May Pole. Also known as Summer Solstice or midsummer. A bonfire is built and people jump over it. It is believed that how high you jump determines how high your crops will grow. Lughnasdh is the time to end projects and "release" negative
things you're holding on to. It is the time for the main harvest and a big feast is held. This is the point in the circle that the God dies. Covens always have 13 members A celebration is held giving thanks to the Goddess for enough food for the winter. Mabon celebrates the Goddess aging from Mother to Crone. Wicca is a cult Wicca is an appealing religion because it has the freedom to practice as you choose and few rules. The circle is a sacred place where Wiccans hold rituals and practice their religion. Kind of like a church for a Christian.
There are 8 Wiccan holidays,
also know as sabbats. The Maiden, Mother, and Crone
are also known as the Tripple Goddess. Questions?
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