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Ruby Redfort Look into my eyes

No description

Kayla S.

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Ruby Redfort Look into my eyes

Ruby Redfort
Look into my

Ruby Redfort:
Ruby is a teenage girl that has a
very curios mind. She always
wants to explore new places, and loves to watch her favorite show "Crazy Cops." But what she does not know is how much it will help her later.
Clancy Crew: Clancy is Ruby's best friend. He is a skinny boy that always wants to know what Ruby is up to.

Mr. and Mrs. Redfort:
(also known as Brant and Sabina) They are Ruby's parents. However, they are always boring Ruby out with their conversations.
Hitch is the Redfort's "butler," but he also works for a secret agency Spectrum. It is located under the town of Twinford. At first Ruby felt a little like something was wrong with him, but soon she warms up to him and discovers he is an agent.
LB is the head of the secret agency, Spectrum.
Mrs. Digby:
Is the Redfort's house
maid, but she feels like
family to them because she has known Mrs. Redfort since she was a little girl.
By: Laura Child
Nine Lives: They call
her nine lives
because when
ever they confront her,
she always finds
a way to escape.
Baby Face Marshall: They say
"When you see Baby Face
Marshall RUN!" because he
shows you no mercy. People
call him Baby Face Marshall
because he is a grown man with
a baby's face.
The Count: The Count shows you no mercy and will never give up until he gets what he wants.
The setting of this book is Twinford Town. Twinford is the town that most of the story takes place. Whether it was under or in a store, Twinford was always the main place.

Book Report By: Kayla Strzalka
Ruby needed to figure out the case of "FOOLS GOLD". It is a robbery that was planned to steal gold that was coming to the bank of Twinford the very night it was shipping in from Switzerland. But, that was not the only thing getting robbed. Ruby came home one day after school to find every thing was gone, including Mrs. Digby! She made it her quest to find who did this. Hitch and Spectrum agents helped her find clues and fight the suspect. That was when their adventure began. However, Clancy would do all he could to get Ruby to spill the secret they were hiding. It was not easy but Ruby finally told him. It was only then that she discovered how much Clancy would help her.
But, what she didn't know was someone else was watching her every move.
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