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The Final Warning

No description

kdubs woods

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of The Final Warning

Presentation by Kyndall Woods The final Warning Characters Plot Conflict There are 6 main characters in this book, Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Angel, and Gasman. This is the 4th book in the Maximum ride series but has the same theme as the other. Max and the other kids are all genetically engineered. They are half human half bird. This means that they all have wings but still have human qualities. They also became super strong, and can fight with the force of 5 grown men. The place where they were experimented on is what they call the "school". The school also made Erasers which are half human half wolf beast that are programmed to kill anything that has escaped from the school. The mood of this book is very exciting and thrilling it is full of action. The main theme of this book is You are never to young to make a difference. The Final Warning Author The Author of this book is James Patterson. He is famous for his Maximum Ride series, and Alex Cross, and the Women's Murder Club. His books have sold more than 170 million copies. He has also written When the Wind Blows and The Lake House. Max
Max is the leader of the group.
She watches over everyone and takes care of them. She is not the oldest in the group. she is only 15, but she is the smartest, and the younger kids look up to her. Fang Fang is the same age as max but he is the assistant. He does whatever max tells him to do. Fang is the strongest and he protects the group in combat. Iggy Iggy is the oldest in the group being that he is 16. Iggy is blind but he doesn't need his eyes to see. He can do everything that everyone else does but the other kids help him when he needs it. Nudge Nudge is the third oldest in the group. Nude is the sweetheart of the book. She is the nice one that does what she is told, and always goes along with the plan. Angel Angel is the youngest in the group. She is the twin sister of the Gasman. She is very sweet at times, but if you get on her bad side she has a temper. Gasman Gasman got his name because he can imitate any sound but his favorite are farts. He is the brother of angel and is also the youngest. The main conflict in the book is that the kids are trying to escape death while also trying to save the world. The children escaped from a cross-breeding lab or what they call the "school". Ever since they escaped the school they have been on the run. now they have the task of saving the world because the world is being taken over by human robots. Not only do the kids face the outside world problems they also face problems among themselves. Review The reason i liked this book is because it always kept my attention. I like science fiction, and i thought the plot was unique. The most memorable line to me is " the sound was torn away by the air rushing past me as i snapped my wings open. Then i was aloft...pulling cold air into my lungs, feeling free. This is easy to remember because this is the most commonly used line in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read or anyone that likes science fiction.
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