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No description

Dana Gabbas

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of PR

some PR
Here, the trick was to turn the bottom image upside down.
(Rotate using the Zebra.)
The resulting movement on the Path creates a feeling of
falling over.
There is a community of likeminded people ready to inspire, encourage and motivate. There is a way to make stuff happen so you can unblock your creativity, stop the procrastination, finish your projects.
We don't have creative hubs!
Most popular events which are related to creative industries:
Participating as partner or speaker
Business media, which are in focus:

1. voxpopuli business
2. kursiv.kz (
3. expert.kz
4. zakon.kz
5. tengrinews.kz
6. kapital.kz
7. boulevard magazine, esquire, harpers bazaar (if we will find suitable topics for them)
our priorities:

1. start relations with business newspapers and magazines (also websites about advertising: adme.ru, sostav.ru, alladvertising.ru)

2. participating in popular events of Almaty and try to create own creative hub for advertisers, clients and people interested in marketing

3. keep facebook page up to date and promote it

keep facebook page informative, nice and interactive.

looking forward for any feedback or questions!
waste less – gain more

here some ideas for two month
the way we do it
cold\warm calls ==> creating database of journalists ==> sending press-releases ==> make an interesting proposal (barter)
Media Relations
14 september
summer festival
"Belaya osen" organized by Nurlan turekhanov
yeah, it is risky. BUT...
we have companies to whom we can sell the idea
we have space where to make it happen
workshops for future advertisers
we have an amazing people to bring
nice https://www.facebook.com/LeoBurnettMoscow?fref=ts
informative / interactive
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