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FCS Bookshare.org Training

Instructs FCS teachers how to use www.Bookshare.org.

Robin Cookson

on 5 December 2011

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Transcript of FCS Bookshare.org Training

when you are finished!
;-) Portable DAISY Readers (Victor Reader) But don't forget to come back here K-12 textbooks from the NIMAC In an email from FCSS Bookshare Coordinator, which will include:

Attachment with book file in standard zipped compressed format

Directions for how to save, unzip, store, and transfer the file

Password, which is required to unzip the file MP3 Players (Can use Kurzweil to convert MP3 or other converter such as TextAloud) A large collection of children’s books and literature Meet Jessica A wide selection of newspapers and magazines. Membership Free
Qualified Students Teacher-recommended reading How Do I Enroll a Student? Visual Impairment (VI), such as blind or low vision IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER!

Bookshare is for readers with qualified disabilities only

Book file sharing is not allowed

All books are encrypted for a specific user

All downloaded copyrighted material is fingerprinted so it can be traced.

Security program monitors books downloaded and suspends irregular accounts. To ensure that all individuals with print disabilities have equal & timely access to print materials. Mission Meet Alex There are two ways to request a student be enrolled, as follows:

Send an email to the FCS SPED Dept. AT Facilitator, which includes the student’s name, DOB, eligibility, and confirmation that the student’s IEP states the student has a print disability that requires text accommodations.
Fill out a Bookshare Book Request Form on Angel that includes a request to enroll the student. Daisy & Braille Ready Format Physical Disability (PD) which affects one’s ability to read print, such as an inability to hold a book or to turn pages Learning or Reading Disability (SLD) with an IEP stating the student has a print disability and needs text accommodations. Autism, Emotional Disabilities, ADHD, ESL, ELL but only if accompanied with a visual or physical disability, or a qualified reading disability that has a physical basis How Do I Distribute The File? Option 2 Option 3 How Do I Store, Save, and Unzip A Bookshare File? Option 1 Place file on flash drive, move to student's H-Drive

Burn file to CD

Email zipped book file as attachment with password and directions for download

Convert unzipped book file to MP3 file and load on MP3 player 1. Teacher’s Name:
2. Student's Name:
3. Student’s School:
4. Student's Grade:
5. Student's Eligibility:
6. Student’s IEP states student has a print disability that requires text accommodations:
7. This student is enrolled in the FCS Bookshare program:
No, but the student has an "Individual" Bookshare membership, and I have forwarded a copy of his membership agreement to the FCS SPED AT Facilitator, and requested enrollment.
No, please enroll this student
8. I have searched the www.Bookshare.org website, and the item I am requesting is available for download.
9. Title :
10. Author:
11. Comments (optional): Read with computer & most assistive reading devices How Do I Find A Book On The Bookshare Website? Over 45,000 Titles! Free Training How Books Will Be Received? Just click up here to try it out, but don't forget to come back to this site! How Do I Request Books? First, go to Bookshare.org and complete a Search to be sure the book is available for download.

Second, go to Angel Community Groups and click on the following links:
2011 FCS Intranet - Special Education
AT Forms
Bookshare Book Request Form
Complete the form online and click "Done" Computer Reader Software:
Kurzweil 3000 (available in FCS)
Read & WriteGold
AMIS DAISY Playback Software

Free Computer Reader Software from Bookshare
Read:OutLoud Version 6 (available in FCS)
Victor Reader Soft w/Acapela TTS Voices FREE assistive software for multi-modal reading Mobile iPad, iPhone, and iPod that use Read2Go app, a full-featured, accessible DAISY reader that connects directly to Bookshare for immediate on-the-go reading. How Does Student Read a Bookshare Book File? Meet Steffin Use Responsibly! What am I? http://www.bookshare.org National Instructional Materials Access Center An audible text with navigation capabilities so it performs more like a book. Shane Search Need More Information? Bookshare Form Kurzweil 3000 v12 software is available for the home and school computers of all students who are participants in the FCS Bookshare program.

To obtain this software, go to Angel, SPED, Content, AT, AT forms and submit a completed AT Software Install Request Form.

If a student prefers to use the Read:OutLoud software at school, complete an AT Software Install Request Form in Angel. For home computers, the student’s parent must first obtain an Individual Bookshare Membership to download it for free from the Bookshare.org website. How do I obtain the required computer software? All students who are members of the FCS Bookshare program qualify for a free Bookshare Individual Membership.

First, the teacher must send an email to the FCS Bookshare Coordinator to request a Bookshare Individual Membership application for the student.

Upon receipt of the application, the teacher must pass it on to the parent.

The parent must sign the form and mail or fax it to Bookshare.org as indicated on the application. How does the student qualify and obtain an Individual Bookshare Membership? How do I obtain a daisy reader, MP3 player, or other AT reader device? First, download the Consideration Checklist from Angel, SPED, AT, AT Forms, and complete it with the student's AT team.

If the team determines that a trial is warranted, complete an AT Equipment Request Form and try the device for a reasonable amount of time to determine if it effectively helps provide the student with access to Bookshare books.

If after the trial period, the AT team determines it is effective, discuss the findings with the student's IEP team.

If the IEP team concurs, document it in the student’s IEP and on the SPED AT tab in IC. Otherwise, return the device to the AT Dept. http://www.bookshare.org/_/help/training/upcomingWebinars http://prezi.com/alkr9nwpyxkm/wwwbookshareorg-presentation/
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