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Mackenzie Alstad

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Paper

Catherine Lim
took place in Singapore.
By: Kelsey Trupp
Crashing Dreams
Catherine Lim was born in Kulim (Malaya). She studied in the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus. Lim received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Malaya in 1963, moving to Singapore in 1967. Her first short story ever published was called
Little Ironies
: Stories of Singapore.
The Setting for Paper
Tay Soon's Dream House
Theme: The greed of money can crash your dreams
Plot line for Paper
Tay soon was a dreamer, and always aimed for his goals, no matter what risks he had to take
The mother was very cautious, and
did not like what Tay Soon and Yee Lian were doing with their money.
Dreaming of a perfect house
Saved forty thousand dollars to put into stocks
Stocks climbing - Doing well
Loaned twenty thousand dollars to put in stocks
Stocks started to slide
Tay Soon and wife, Yee Lian, lost all their money
Tay Soon got sick and died
Mother gave him his dream house out of paper and burned on his grave
Yee Lian supported her husband, and as the stocks were going she got greedy with him.
Crashing Stocks
Q. Why was the dream house so important to them?

A. The dream house was so important to them because they wanted a new life for themselves and the dream house would have been their new beginning
Q. When " It had became the symbol of the peak of earthly achievement" (p. 76) What does that mean? Is the dream house becoming a reality?

A. I believe it means that having a dream house was the ultimate thing to achieve, and that it was becoming a reality
Q. Why would Tay Soon's Mother get the paper house made for Tay soon? Why would they burn the house on his grave?

A. They made the paper house because the house was never going to become a reality. As for burning it, it became a symbol of releasing the idea of the dream house.
Q. With the theme of " The greed of money can crush your dreams." Did Tay Soon's mother see this happening to Tay Soon and his wife?

A. She definitely did see it coming! The greed of money, and how it never being enough definitely lef me to believe they would lose it all. You can win some, but you can also lose some.
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