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my future career project: cosmetology

No description

samantha espitia cardoza

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of my future career project: cosmetology

my future career project: cosmetology
info i used

working conditions
people work at any hair salons and spas. the physical demands are that they have to be friendly people and dont mind standing for periods of time and scheduling and management and also recommending products from various brands to their clients they also have to know how to cut,trim,color,perm,setting, curling, straightening and much more.
education/ training
you have to find a beauty school to learn the skills and techniques, for hair, nail, makeup and safety and sanitation then they can get there stat license. To get into a beauty school they require a high school diploma or a GED.
hours/ salary
$26,790 a year, their hours can be part time or full time. when you work you can also get tips when you do your job. so 26,790 a year including tips. how you do your job affects your tip if the customers dont like how the hair looks or if your not kind or friendly they might give a poor tip.
math skills
in cosmetology alot of math is needed. you would need to know multiplication divison adding and subtracting and also how to measure with fractions and know about angles they use angles to help how to cut somebodies hair. but mostly you would need to know geometry in cosmetology.
job description
In cosmetology you do makeup, nail and hair technican to do this job some states require esthetician license to do this job professionally. You also have to feel comfortable talking to clients and give them suggestions, and has to work well with their hands and does not mind standing for length of time if your doing someones hair.
why its important to have math skills
in my career its important to have math skills because you have to do math everyday in order to the job. for example we need to know how to measure with fraction when we use liquids to dye hair or do highlights. also have to know how to work with angles because when you cut peoples hair to have a straight cut, so it also requies symmetry.
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