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ELA Test Taking Strategies

No description

Danielle May

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of ELA Test Taking Strategies

*After reading the question that was previously read and important phrases were underlined, think about what you think the answer is and then find a match in the answers.
*If you don't know an answer, use process of elimination to make the BEST possible guess, and increase your chances of getting the answer correct!
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
Read Directions!!!
*Always go back in the text, find the sentence, and read the sentences surrounding in for context clues.
*Read the sentence with a blank in place of the word they want you to define. Think of your own word to fill in the blank!
* Look at the answer choices. Which choice was the closest to the word you guessed?
-----The article says that "although the road was treacherous, there were no accidents." Treacherous means about the same as...
Explanation Questions...
* Look back through each section to make sure all questions were answered.
*Since you have the extra time, check over the questions that you were unsure about just to make sure you have the RIGHT answer marked.
*RELAX, you're all done :)
How to beat a NYS test!
Here are all the strategies you need to be successful!
Read the Passage!!!
Answer the Questions!!!
Vocabulary Questions...
*Read between the lines!
*Use your own background knowledge plus the context clues to infer the answer.
---The author of this article most likely believes...
---From this story we can learn that...
*Look for signal words like because, reason for, when, as a result of, causes of, etc.
---The girl decides to marry the prince because...
---According to the article, frostbite occurs when...
Fact-Based Questions...
*Find the exact answer within the text.
* Skim for key words, dates, locations.
---Christopher Columbus landed in America on...
---All of the following are facts about whales in captivity except...
*Read ALL of the directions before answering any questions.
* Read the questions and corresponding answers BEFORE the passage, and underline/highlight all important words or details found in the question.
*Utilize your resources- take note of graphs, pictures, charts, or maps.
*Take your time, and relax yourself :)
*As you read the passage, use your close reading skills to underline sentences that you think are significant.
*Identify the main ideas, possible causes and their effects, themes, and supporting details.
*Take notes in the margin of questions, connections, predictions, and inferences that you make with the text.
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