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Amazing Antartica

This is a challenge project I did with Meg Sabo and Carolyn Lee

Crawford Young

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Amazing Antartica

Amazing Antarctica
Antartica's climate is the coldest in the world.
Did you know that Antartica
Averages 166mm of precipition
a year.
Antartica has glaciers, ice barges, and ice caves.
The terrian is 98% ice and 2%
Antartica has seals,whales, and pengins
Animal life
All these animals live in the surrounding ocean
People don't usualy live in antarctica
By : Crawford Young Meg Sabo and Carolyn Lee
1. Coat
2. Water filter
3. Sleeping bag
4. Electronic device
5. Raft
6. Compass
6 Items Needed for Antarctica
The End
We need a coat to keep warm. We need a water filter to drink clean water. We need a sleeping bag to sleep. We need electronic devices to take pictures. We need a raft to travel. We need a compass to know where to go.
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