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October Sky

No description

Nick Kovaleski

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of October Sky

October Sky By: Nick Kovaleski, Frank Piotrowski, and Will Jonas Chapter 1 The main character is named Homer Hickam Jr.
He lives in Coalwood, West Virginia, a coal mining town.
His dad, Homer Hickham Sr., is the mining superintendent and is dedicated to his job.
His mom, Elsie Hickham, stays at home and doesn't have a job. Homer's best friends: Roy Lee, Sherman, and O'dell, also live in Coalwood. *image from the movie "October Sky" Mr. Carter, the founder of the mine and Coalwood, tried to make Coalwood the best place it could be. His son, known as the Captain, trained Sonny's dad. The football team started it's suspension during Sonny's junior year.
Sonny gets invited to Dorothy's house for the first time since their sophmore year.
Sonny goes to her house periodically and helps Dorothy with her geometry.
Sonny goes to see both of Coalwood's priests to talk about geometry with them. Chapter 10 Roy Lee and O'dell come up with a plan to steal old telphones out of the abandoned mule barn. They got the telephones, but they fell through the floor and Tag, the constable, had to get them out. Mr. Van Dyke gives the boys a business deal where they pay for the telephones in exchange for him forgiving their felony. After watching Miss Riley's science experiment, the boys find out a new rocket fuel, called Rocket Candy. Chapter 11 The chapter starts with sonny talking to his dad about him going to the mine.
Sonny then launched Auk 12, which didn't do as well as they thought it would.
Then, the football players attempted to tear down their blockhouse, but were quickly stopped by Tag. On the Sunday following the Auk 12 launch, Sonny skipped Sunday School and secretly went to the mine with his dad.
After a tour of the mine, Sonny disgraced his father by telling him he didn't want to be a mining engineer.
While leaving the mine, Elsie caught them, burst into tears and started fighting with Homer. Chapter 12 For lying to his mom, Sonny's punishment was to help cook dinner.
Sonny then went to the Bykovski residence to talk to Ike about what his dad told him.
Ike explains to Sonny that he doesn't like Von Braun because he helped "monsters", but Sonny can like him if he wants.
Ike said if Sonny needs someone to build him rockets, to see Mr. Ferro. Mr. Ferro said he'd help if Sonny could draw him an engineering drawing of what he wants.
Sonny also has to get him gravel for his backyard.
Sonny asks his dad to get it for him, but his dad denies him.
With Auk 14 built they launched it and got their best result yet.
The machine shop then builds them two more rockets without them asking, though both didn't do as well as Auk 14. Sonny asks Dorothy to the Winter Formal, but gets denied. For Christmas, Sonny gets an autographed photo of Wernher Von Braun. Chapter 13 At the start of the chapter, Sonny almost gets kicked off of his bus, because he and Roy Lee got into a fight.
The same day, Sonny arrived to school late because of snow.
Before Sonny's chemistry class started, Miss Riley gave him the rocket book. The next day, Big Creek school was closed for the Coalwood kids, because of snow.
Sonny and the crew decided to sled all the way to Big Creek. Sonny arrives in Big Creek and sees Miss Riley about the rocket book.
Sonny and the crew then go to Emily Sue's house.
When there, Dorothy kisses Sonny and then leaves. Chapter 2 Sonny leaves Emily Sue's house, and walks back home.
He gets invited into a strangers house to warm up.
Geneva Eggers warms him up, dries his clothes, and feeds him and sends Sonny on his way.
Geneva wants Sonny to tell his dad he was in her house, so when Sonny gets home. Sonny tells his dad he was at Geneva's house, his dad tells him the story of Geneva, then tells Sonny to never go back there. Chapter 14 In this chapter, he learns about the aircraft sputnik. It is a russian air craft that is going over the US.
This starts his ideas for rockets The Russians launched another spacecraft named Luna I. Sonny and Jake watch it from the roof of the Club House. He gets on the school bus for the ride to Big Creek High School.
The bus passes through the towns of Caretta and War Mountian.
He talks about his life at school Quentin comes over later, and Sonny and he start reading the rocket book. Quentin then leaves and Sonny goes to bed. In the middle of the night, Sonny gets awoken by the sound of an explosion and an earthquake. Homer awakes and races down to the mine to investigate what happened. Homer clarifies why he went down to the mine to help saying " I trained those men Elsie". At the end of the chapter, the boys launch Auk 16-19, all being great successes. They decide to launch a rocket in his mother yard.
They light the rocket and Boom!
He destorys his mothers fence Chapter 3 After they lite the fuse, the rocket blew up. His mom came running out and then his dad. and then the phone rang.
Homers dad does not want him building rockets left.
His mom then said build a rocket that works. Chapter 4 The whole talk around Coalwood was them blowing up the fence.
Homer gets into a fight with a football player named Buck and he ecapes in the wood.
The rest of this chpter is about the football team and the law suit Chapter 15 In this chapter, Sonny and Quentin get called to the principal's office, and gets ambushed by two state troopers who believe he burned a forest down with his rockets. Quentin explains to them that the "rocket" they found was only an aeronautical flare. The boys leave without punishment. Chapter 16 At the start of the chapter, Homer leaves for Ohio to present a presentation on ventilation to a bunch of company engineers.
When he comes back, he is confronted by Sonny, who asks him why he likes Jim better.
Homer dodges the question and disapproves of Sonny another time.
Sonny bursts into tears, and Homer retreats. The Rocket Boys then launch Auk 20 with improved rocket candy, it flew 200 feet into the air and then exploded. Chapter 19 • Sonny has lost all interest in building rockets and is being anti-social in a way
•Many people try to support him and persuade him to continue his rocket building
•He doesn't listen to anybody except Mrs. Bykovski
•She is at the busstop about to leave Coalwood when Sonny goes to talk to her. He apologizes and she doesn't blame it on him. She just wants him to keep constructing rockets
•Homer Sr. lost all eyesight in his right eye and still went back to work at the mine

•After talke with Mrs. Bykovski, Sonny is motivated to return to their missiles.
•The boys fired out AUX XXI (21) three weeks after the big accident
•Even though Sonny was willing to work again, he seemed extremely demanding and controlling. •He suggested they used zinc dust and sulfur but Sherman disagreed.
•Roy Lee ends up punching Sonny in the chest after some verbal quarelling.
•The tension was starting to grow within the BCMA. Chapter 17 At the start of the chapter, Sherman and Sonny go to The Dugout to listen to Ed Johnson.
Sonny dances with a few girls and is having a great time until he sees Dorothy walk through the door with Jim.
Sonny immediately freaks out and is about to cry.
He leaves the dance with Valentine and hitch-hikes back to Coalwood. Chapter 20 •The Hickam family has really started to break apart.
•Sonnyis missing the bus quite frequently
•He will usually hitch a ride with someone and lately he's been going with Jake Mosby.
•On the first day Jake brings Sonny to school, Sonny introduces him to Miss Riley.
•Sonny tells Miss Riley good things about Jake and they soon start to date.

•Rocket Boys need to find some money to purchase materials
•O'dell comes up with the idea of digging up old drainage pipes and selling them to a scrap yard.
•After about five days, the boys finally hit the pipe
•They were on their tenth pipe when Sonny decides to climp in and give it a whack but he ends up falling and cutting his hand on iron fragments.
•O'dell takes charge and wraps his injury in part of his shirt
•They all then travel to Doc's office and he stitches the cut up Chapter 5 In this chapter he decides to ask Quentin to help him build a rocket.
Quentin is a so called genuis. He sits alone and studies all the time.
They decided to let him help build his rocket. Chapter 21 •The Rocket Boys are trying out their new propellant in the beginning of this chapter and after they light the fuse of Auk XXII, it blew up sending pieces of steel everywhere.

•A big surprise hit the town of Coalwood in the fall of 1959. It was announced that the company was selling all of the houses.

•After much thought, Sonny concluded that the zinc-sulfur powder they used was too loose and they need a new mixture to use.

•Many proposals come up but Quinten believed that alcohol would possibly work.

•So all of the boys took a trip to John Eye's to get moonshine and they all end of getting drunk

•The new temporary general superintendent was Mr. Fulller and he wasn't a nice man and he fired many people, drastically ending their life in Coalwood.

•The boys tried the zincoshine powder with Auk XXII-A and suprisingly it had reached their mile goal in flying height!

•Mr. Fuller was totally against the Rocket Boys. He tried to take control and destroy Cape Coalwood but many people opposed it including Sonny's father and the demolishing came to a stop. Chapter 6 In this, chapter the team build there rocket.
They make a paste for ther black powder.
They decide to soilder the first AUK I lauched but fell, the second one flew up and went into the wood.
The last one went into the coal companys office were Homers dad worked. Chapter 7 In this chapter, Homers dad says no rockets, but the welder give him more that he made.
His dad make the welder load coal cars for helping his son.
They find a spot off of the coal mine property but the noise is making the town angry with the rocket boys. Chapter 22 Chapter 8 In this chapter the days are near the end for big creek.
The USA and russian were launching rockets in Cape.
The russains lauchned Suptnik III •The rocket boys enter the science fair

•After many calculations and equations, the boys attempted to fly Auk XXIII.

•It flew 7,056 feet into the air, nearly a mile and half into the sky.
•Also, when they found the rocket they also found ginseng in the mountain.

•Ginseng could be sold for much money so the boys decided to look for people who wanted to buy it.
Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Epilogue Chapter 9 In this chapter they first meet Jake, he is at his father coal mine boot camp.
They plan to launch they other rockets.
They lauched them with some people to view.
The Auks did not go as plan some went like horseshoes and other exploded. But some still worked •Elsie Hickam suprisingly had been saving up for a house in Myrtle Beach and plans to move there

•Miss Riley also broke the sad news to Sonny that she had Hodgkins Disease which effected her lymph nodes. She told him that she could live throught it but also continue to get sick. Sonny was very concerned about her.

•When Sonny presented their project "A Study of Amateur Rocketry Techniques" at the McDowell's County Science Fair in Welch, they won and they all were very excited and proud about it.

•Homer Sr. decided to move down to and go into real estate

•Sonny's cat, Daisy Mae, is killed by a car and he is sad and very angry also but doesn't want Roy Lee to tell him who killed her because he wants to focus on his rocketry •Emily Sue takes Sonny to get a suit for the National Science Fair.

•While they are in Welch, Senator Kennedy is there to make a speech •After entering the National Science Fair, they win!
•Sonny goes to the hopsital to see Miss Riley
who is exremely sick
•He gives her the medal and says it is rightfully hers In the end, all of the Rocket Boys attend college.
Roy Lee becomes a banker
O'Dell goes into insurance and farming
Quentin, Bill, Sherman and Sonny become engineers.
Sadly, Sherman dies unexpectedly of a heart attack at age 26
Jim becomes a football coach as planned
Dorothy grows up and becomes a wife and mother
Sonny ends up meeting her twenty-five years later and still is in love with her
Miss Riley's disease went into remission and she teaches a few years but sadly she dies at age 32
Sonny never meets Wernher von Braun
After serving in Vietnam, Sonny goes onto fulfull his lifetime dream and becomes an engineer
21 years after he fired his last rocket, he works for NASA. •The Big Creek class of 1960 finally graduated with
Dorothy as the valedictorian and Quentin and Billy tied for
•The next Saturday the boys flew Auk XXXI at nearly
six miles high with the help of Homer SR.
•All of the Rocket Boys' hard work payed off and
many people watched as it soared high into the sky The Hickam Family
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