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Brand Management

No description

Martin Yu

on 31 December 2013

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Transcript of Brand Management

1. Feedback from users

2. Brand Analysis

3. Brand Strategy

4. Product Launch jjjjjjj
Feedback 1
Feedback 2
Feedback 3
Research on Social Networking for EWO
by Martin

Brand Analysis
Brand Drive and Disruption
Brand Repositioning
Eliminate inconsistency between perception and actual experience

Link the shaving experience to the culture of the brand

Uber Launching Campaign
-King of shaves

20 years brand history
Strong brand personality : Will Kings, Inventive
‘Be the King’ brand culture

The Future of Shaving: New Razor Launching

How to Differentiate ?
King of shaves with Uber
brand culture
game changer life style
shaving history
brand personality
Competitors (Gillette & Wilkinson)
High- tech designing style

Brand Touchpoint
Amazon customer review: average 3 stars (total 5)

Mixed reviews in product experience and design.
Positive: Package, Shaving experience, Price, Personality
Negative: Performance, Design

Brand image: Strong personality, Unique product, Cheap, Comfortable shave, Difficult to use

Typical buyers: Men, Open to new product, pursue personality, Price sensitive
Brand thoughts
marketing campaign
social media
relevant people
product appearance
shave experience

Brand culture
High standard
-“Deliver the world`s best shaves”
A comfortable shave and a enjoyable lifestyle
- “Be the King!”
Effectively manage customer relationship
- “Join our Kingdom”
Innovative and Professional
- “The future of Shaving”
High involvement of Will Kings

The Core
Deliver the World's Best Shave!
Brand Uniqueness
Age: 34
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Manager
Packaging: Professional (Information at the back of packaging)

Product Design: Razor looks unique, but the blemishes on the metal plating make it look cheap.
Product Perception
Facial Hair Type: Thick
Shaving Frequency: 3-4 times a week
Marketing Perception
Website: Informative and professional.

Stripper ad – Sexual appeal was too extreme --> Easy sell with a very cliche and unoriginal idea.
Parody ad – Boring, does not give professional impression

CEO: Rather confident
Product Usage Experience
Shaving Performance: Comfortable shave, but could not get enough pressure onto the skin for a close shave (flexible design of the head). The razor became clogged.
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Indian
Occupation: Actuary
Facial Hair Type: Thick
Shaving Frequency: 3-4 times a week
Packaging: Good colour choice. The razor was well displayed.

Product Design: The razor is quite lightweight --> Feels cheap.
Product Perception
Product Usage Experience
Marketing Perception
Brand Strategy
Website: Easy to navigate through.

Advertisements: For both videos --> Inconsistent

CEO: Enthusiastic
Brand Thoughts
Brand Touchpoints
New feel for the product
New razor design
New shaving
Social Media
Shaving Performance: Handle too far from the head --> Awkward shave. Need several strokes to achieve desired result. Stubble hard to wash off
Brand Culture
New standards
-The new way to shave
-The future of shaving
The ‘New’ King
-The next generation

Age: 26
Ethnicity: Chinese
Occupation: Student
Facial Hair Type: Thin
Shaving Frequency: 2-3 times a week (Electric shaver)
Revolutionary-Game changer
Easy and basic experience
Change customer perceptions of the product
No longer the cheaper option
Different shaving experience
Future of shaving

Kings vs Populace
Luxurious vs Five-and-dime
The Future of Shaving
-Only UBER
Ads and Messages from Competitors
Product Perception
Marketing Perception
Promotion Activities
Promotion platform:
Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, etc..)
Men’s magazine (FHM, Flirt, Men’s Health)
Men’s Forum

No discount!

No street giveaway!

Keep the Kings and Luxurious position and impression

Product Usage Experience
Packaging: Easy to unpack, solid

Product Design: Unimpressed with the quality of the material --> Plastic and metal too light
Brand name: Dominant feel (Masculine)

Website: Clear, black background makes the images stand out

CEO: Confident
Shaving Performance: Time consuming and inconvenient --> Blade needs constant wash. Difficult to shave on jaw-bone area.
-New feature product

-Strong Brand personality

- Comfortable shave - Digital marketing
- Creativity - Strong personality
- Customer relationship

- Inconsistency between brand perception and actual experience

King’s culture
Luxurious comfort and convenient
Enjoyable life style
Innovative technology

Game Changer Uber
1. Feedback by users

2. Brand Analysis

3. Brand Strategy

4. Product Launch
Thank you
Male population growth (>15 years old)
Flat market growth
Private label penetration
Gillette's heavy investment and patent protection
Growth in male unemployment
> 45 years old men prefer clean shaven
Metrosexual vs retrosexual
High brand loyalty
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