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History Tour

No description

Lim Zheng Guang

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of History Tour

Fort Canning Hill
Small hill slightly more than 60m high.
A popular venue for music shows and concert.
Raffles built his first residence on the hill.
The hill was recorded as Bukit Larangan which means "Forbidden Hill" in Malay.

National Museum Of Singapore
Oldest Museum of Singapore
One of the four only museums in Singapore
Underwent a three and a half year restoration and reopened on December 2, 2006
Leong Yeow Chicken Rice
Leong Yeow Famous St Hainanese Chicken Rice is a famous chicken rice stall at the corner of Waterloo centre in a coffee shop.
Interview with the Owner
We waited and had a little chat with the lady boss and her husband. This is the infomation we acquired:
Sri Krishnan Temple
Sri Krishnan Temple was established in 1870.

When Hanuman Beem Singh set up an idol of Sri Krishna under a banyan tree in Waterloo Street.

It’s the only South Indian Hindu temple in Singapore.
Sources and Links
Images - Prezi Search (Powered By Google Images)
Information and History- Google Search / Wikipedia / Infopedia
Slides - Prezi Presentation
Icons and Shapes - Prezi tools

The End!
History of Bras Basah
4 hotspots
100m Ahead

Source: Google Images
Quiz Time!

Hope you were paying attention :P
Bras Basah Road's History
(location of 4 hotspots)
Bras Basah Road is a one-way road in Singapore in the planning areas of Museum and Downtown Core.
Beras means harvested rice in Malay, and Basah means wet.
: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bras_Basah_Road
How Tall Is Fort Canning Hill?
60 metres
Who lived at Fort Canning after it was discovered?
Sir Stamford Raffles
What is the meaning of Bukit Larangan in English?
Forbidden Hill
You guys will now be going around the museum to find the answers to these questions about Singapore's History. Here we go!
Activity Time
When was the museum established?
Question 1
Break Time!
On 1849
Question 2
Who was the designer of this
W Architects
You will be given some time to enjoy the appetizing chicken rice, and learn about its success along the way!
Question 3
We hope you had fun learning with us!
William Farquhar`s natural history drawings collection.
Question 4
What exhibitions the Singapore Living Galleries
Film and Wayang, Fashion, Food and Photography
Places of Interest
Spice Garden
Gothic Gates
Fort Canning Green
James Brooke Napier Memorial
Fort Canning Centre
Underground Far East Command Centre(The Battle Box)
Sally Port
Fort Wall and Gate
9-Pound Cannon
Raffles’ House
Keramat Iskandar Shah
Archeological Excavation Site

Special Thanks
You will be playing Amazing Race Fort Canning version, that has questions at some areas, such as the 9 pound cannon, that has a clue leading the next area.You will be given your first clue now. You are allowed to take pictures!

We want to thank Ms Wong and Mr Huang, and other teachers who continuously supported us with this project, Thank you.
Activity Time!
Here's a Reference to
Activity Time!
You will be given 12 pieces to solve a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of the temple And you will also be timed.The person who finishes it first, Wins!

JigSaw Puzzle
Please Click this Link to continue:
Don't forget to be back after you are done! :)
What exhibition does Goh Seng Choo Gallery contain?
They have been selling chicken rice for about 35 years.

They could only sell on the street, it was really hard.

Their Chicken Rice became popular overtime.

No secrets, just skills and hard work.
Clue 1

Clue 2
Clue 3
Clue 4
A port that has a door leading into and out of the fort, allowing occupants to escape undetected
This was fired three times a day 5am, 1pm and 9pm to announce the hour.
Raffles built this on Government hill on his third and final visit to Singapore
This garden is a replica of the first experimental Botanical Gardens in Singapore.
Well Done!
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