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Social Media 2.0

No description

Laura Angermeier

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Social Media 2.0

Images & Pinterest
Over 70 millions users!
Editing, Apps, etc.
Where to find images?

Death To Stock Photos
Images & SEO
Add a few pictures to each post along with relevant alt and meta tags.

Properly label the image file name, title, alt and description tags.

Check how many pictures Google has indexed from your site by going to: images.google.com/images?q=site:yoursite.com

Google rewards sites putting up fresh content with higher ranking

Pinterest allows search engines to crawl their site. Many boards are showing up in Google search results.
Take Aways
Please do:
Create as many of your own visuals as possible. It's fun and easy to do with all the tools we have shared today.
Engage the help of a pro and/or good resources where needed to give you ideas and help you set the right tone and direction for your images.

Please don't:

Use images that may have copyright protection without the creator's permission.

Images & Facebook

Posts with images get the highest amount of engagement on Facebook. 53% more than average post!

Photo albums on Facebook receive 180% more engagement than a normal post.

Use correct image size for page post link (1.91:1) 400 pixels wide by 209 pixels.
Social media society to visual social media

90% of info transmitted to the brain is visual

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text

Catch the skimmers!

Images are a signal to visitors that a site's material is premium

Users are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures.
Images & Instagram
Images & Blogs
Editing Photos
Tips for photos
Increase web traffic to your site!

Pinterest drives more traffic than twitter, linkedin and google+ COMBINED.

21% of people have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest.

Your products -

New releases

New features

Your headquarters

Your employees & customers (people relate to other people)

Quick tips, how-to's & quotes
Pinning tips:
1. Use short captions that incorporate keywords.
2. Comment, like & repin
3. Keywords in board titles

150 million active users
Use hashtags!! The more the better with Instagram

Don't post photos all at once

Good mix of fun and promotional photos
Include images in posts. These also help increase likes on Facebook and G+

Consider adding text over images

Images help bloggers create viral content.

Blog posts with visuals drive up to 180% more engagement than those without.

Display your products and people.
Images & email
80% of businesses reported that video embedded emails improve campaign performance.

76% say videos in emails generate high click thru rates.

Keep visual emails short.

Choose an image that carries your message and a text description.

Use image alt tags.

Link to hosted version of the image. "view email in your browser"

social media resizer tool
Cover image is your first chance to tell followers about your company. It should be clear and showcase your company's message. Change it periodically to keep it fresh, and remember the rule of thirds for this image.
On most social media sites, images are displayed as thumbnails. Make sure the object of your picture is clearly displayed, often taking up a majority of the frame.

Consider important focal points. Keep it simple to showcase your brand and a key subject.

Think of the feelings you want your images to convey. Whatever those are align it with your brand's mission.
Infographics are a great way to share statistics and other "boring" info in a fun image.

Businesses who market with infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don't.
Text isn't the only thing Google indexes!
Images & Google+

To make your post stand out, think about using a 800x600 sized image and include a longer description.

On Google Plus, images are the most commonly consumed content.

Google Plus is growing at about 25,000 new users a day.

Has the second highest number of monthly users (343 million).
Is there a formula for creating video virality?
Capture user's attention quickly - a good rule of thumb is within the first five seconds.

Tell a great story. A compelling narrative draws the viewer in and keeps them.

Create an emotional roller coaster

Surprise, but don't shock

Engage the Tastemakers

An image or video is considered viral when it is circulated rapidly and widely on the Internet:
Sharing via social networks is a key component of virality
There is no magic number for virality; however, the first 24 hours exposure has proven critical to an item's virality.
Key steps:
Images on Twitter
You will get more favorites

You will get more retweets

More click-throughs

Images take up more real estate on Twitter now, so more people see them.

Familiarize yourself with your camera's ISO and white balance settings.

Higher ISO settings allow the capture of more light.

Indoors, turn on overhead lights before photo.

Make sure the light is behind you when you take a photo.

Vary camera angles. Don't be constrained by "straight on" shots. Candids are great!

Get a feel for your organization's sense of style to convey in photos.
Via VZone posted 3/21/14 Currently over 315K Facebook likes and over 70K shares
Close enough?
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