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S. P. R. I. T. E. model of the Indus River Valley Civilizaton

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Will Livesay

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of S. P. R. I. T. E. model of the Indus River Valley Civilizaton

S.P.R.I.T.E. Project of the Indus River Valley
Not that
The Indus River Valley people had an interesting social society. They spoke many languages including an Indo-European language. The people communicated with the words. They also used writing they made on clay seals to communicate. They made stories, books, and religous books such as the Vedas.
S. is for Social and P. is for Political
The politics of the Indus people included voting for people. They had warriors elect who would be a chief or leader. The leaders were called Rajahs. They were noble and fierce. They followed a religious book called the Vedas.
R. is for Religious and I. is for Intellectual
They people of the valley believed in Hinduism and Buddhism. They also followed a book called the Vedas. The Vedas were a collection of hymns, spells, and religious teachings. The Vedas described the Aryans as tough warriors who used chariots and iron weapons. They said that the Rajahs would be chiefs. They considered cows sacred. Some of the residents were polytheists as well.
The people sadly did not think of education as a priority. They taught writing and used it very often. They used it to write copies of the Vedas. They wrote interesting stories. Their stories were all about different topics.
T. is for Technological
The Indus River Valley had technology that was very useful to the society. They used water resources for their civilization. The valley people made bathrooms and even sewers with water resources. They made their own form of writing. The people had super incredible inventions.
E. is for Economical
Some of the Indus river valley people were farmers. They grew food such as wheat, barley, melons, and dates. They traded it to other civilizations even as far away as Mesopotamia and Egypt. Some people, however, were artisans. They worked in copper, bronze, ivory, and wood. The society of the ancient Indus River valley were the first people known to make cotton cloth.
The Indus River Valley people had many new ideas and beliefs. They were a very successful civilization and created new ideas for the future world.
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