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A gift

No description

Giovanna Souza

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of A gift

I love you Santiago The Beginning First Glance When I first saw you, you were with Calla at the club. She introduced me to you and we began talking a little, but not at the point of being friends. As life went on, you were with her, and I , in my imagination, with Chace. You seemed happy and carefree splashing and chasing Calla around the lake water like a lovesick puppy. So at first , to me, you were only known as "Calla's mate". The Beginning A New Friendship Soon, we as you got more integrated with the pack, we started to hang out and talk more. But never as much as you did after you came to me to ask me one thing. To let you cheat on Calla with me. Start of Something New The Question We're the Perfect Two I remember word for word what you said to me , " Can I cheat on Calla with you?" I was like, "WHAT, NO" and tried to resolve you guys relationship. Somehow, because of the guidance I was giving you, and the friendship I was offering you. You fell for me first. By then, being with you had split my heart into choosing either you or Chace. Start of Something New Note The day you truly won my heart was the day we were drawing in flockdraw and you gave me that note saying you loved me. That blew my mind, even if I tried to deny you. I think I'm falling for You Love? You treated me like a princess. I felt .. special. But still wrong that you were cheating on one who was pregnant with your 'child'. I was hesitant on many things, and if it wasn't for your stubbornness that you have, we probably wouldn't be together now. The Struggles Insecurities Santi, both know we argue a lot over too little things. But you know what, I don't care about those little parts because it's all part of a relationship. Of course, your emotions are hard to read at times and it drives me insane when you keep things from me that I should know. But I'll always be willing to get over out fights and continue on with the amazing relationship we have. The Love You + Me = Forever No matter what happens, I want you to know that I'll always love you. We met online, and we are making this long distance relationship work. I love you to death and even beyond. I'll always be there to support you and care for you. You're the only one I love , and everything I do during the day reminds me of you. You never leave my heart or my mind. Passion Anticipation Santi, I can't wait to be in your arms. I want to feel your skin against mine, and your lips. I want to kiss them. I want to blush at your dazzling smiles that take my breath away. I want to be comforted in your arms and held. I want to watch movies and cuddle against your chest. I want to dance with you , Salsa, Grind, Slow Dance, every single kind. Just seeing you in person, would mean the world to me. Commitment Only You Baby, only you can fill the hole in my chest. Only YOU are my soul mate. Only you can soothe my pain and make me smile for now reason. There are too many things to say, so instead of me babbling, listen to this song : The Love A Plan I've been thinking. Instead of me waiting to go to Colombia in 3 more years. Maybe you could come at my Junior or Senior year to go to prom with me. It would be perfect if you could, at last, I just want you to know one thing. I love you, from your smart ass comments and stubborness, to your dashing smile and winks that make me shiver. No matter what, we will be together, Because you have the key to my heart, and it's locked tight until you open it .
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