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Cl St

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Clea Stiscia
Q4 Digital Literacy History of Lacrosse Native Americans Playing Lacrosse Jean de Brebeuf, a french missionary in Canada, documented the game for the first time in 1636

In 1867, Canadian dentist William George Beers wrote the first offical set of lacrosse rules

Baggataway teams often had between 100 and 1,000 players

First lacrosse sticks were tecnically giant wooden spoons with no netting Bibliography Lacrosse Now Mark Million scored 305 goals in one season

Youth participation in the sport has grown over 77% since 2006

About 282,000 high schoolers play lacrosse

671 college teams played NCAA level in 2012

500 college club programs

200 women teams compete at the US Lacrosse Intercollegiate Associates Level Goals would be selected as large rocks or trees

Playing time often ranged from sun up to sun down

Games typically reached 20pts before concluding

Women's game was called amtahcha

Some lacrosse balls were made from wood AV2 Media Enhanced Books. AV2Books, 2011. Web. 22 May 2013. <http://www.av2books.com/itz-lacrosse-2011/>.
lacrosse." Compton's by Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition.
Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2013. Web. 21 May 2013.
Smolka, Bo. Girls Play to Win Lacrossse. Chicago: Norwood House Press, 2012. 18-24. Print.
USLacrosse Lacrosse History . USLacrosse, 2002-2006. Web. 22 May 2013. <http://www.uslacrosse.org/UtilityNav/AboutTheSport/Over
Wells, Don. In the Zone Lacrosse. New York: AV2 by Weigl, 2011. 4-6. Print.
Wikipedia lacrosse. Wikipedia, 20 May 2013. Web. 22 May 2013. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_lacrosse>. Traditional Native American version of lacrosse was called stickball or baggataway

Popular around Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, and South America

Games could last several days

Goals could range from 500yds to several miles Jean de Brebeuf William George Beers Native Americans Playing Lacrosse Lacrosse is a sport first played by Native Americans. Men in Canada adopted the game baggataway (lacrosse) in 1840. Lacrosse is a game played with a stick and ball. Canadians called lacrosse lacrosse because the curved end of the playing stick resembled a bishop's staff or cross. What is the History of Lacrosse? An act of Parliament made lacrosse the national summer sport of Canada. Lacrosse is a combination of basketball, soccer, and hockey. Lacrosse is the oldest sport played in North America. I chose my topic because I love lacrosse. So, I was wondering how lacrosse started. I picked my resource by which website or book had the best information. Also, which websites were authoritative. I chose Prezi because it has cool features. Another reason I chose Prezi is that it was new and I wanted to try something new. I learned that lacrosse could last several days. I also learned that is Canada's national summer sport. http://www.voki.com/php/viewmessage/?chsm=0ad3ab19c18df9eb1fe3bb7a4cbc9ed2&mId=1811135 My Voki
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