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Ancient Egypt PBL

Ancient Egypt PBL for World History Honors

Leah Smartt

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt PBL

Ancient Egypt: A Journey Through Time by Leah Smartt 14. What were the names of the three Egyptian Kingdoms?

15. What was a “dynasty?” 4. A pyramid is a type of:
A house
B tomb
C temple
D library 7. Ancient Egyptians believed the pharaoh was a:

A man
B god
C priest
D superstar 8. How many gods did the Egyptians worship?
A one B ten
C fifty D hundreds 2. Which river runs through Egypt?
A Amazon
B Seine
C Yangtze
D Nile 1. Where on this map is Egypt located?
  13. What does “mummification” mean? 12. This is a:

A mummy
B daddy
C aunty
D granny 10. What was this mask used for?

A protection from the sun
B armour
C death mask
D theatre prop 11. What would be kept in these jars?

A food
B body parts
C water
D money 9. Ancient Egyptian writing is called:

A Latin
B hieratic
C Arabic
D hieroglyphics 6. Could a woman be a pharaoh?
A Yes B No 5. The most famous treasures were found in which Pharoah’s tomb?
A Rameses
B Tutankhamun
C Nefertiti
D Cleopatra 3. What is the capital city of Egypt today?
A Cairo
B Beijing
C Canberra
D Memphis (Egypt) 16. What was a "pharaoh?" When the heck did this all happen?! OO OLD KINGDOM:
2040-1640 BCE NEW KINGDOM:
1550-1070 BCE CAIRO EGYPT NOW EGYPT THEN Nile River The Kingdoms! OLD KINGDOM:
2609-2152 BCE CULTURE BLAST!!!! PHARAOHS Menes Khufu Afterlife Social Classes Transition Period Middle Kingdom
2040-1640 BCE Suez Canal CULTRE BLAST!!!! Hieroglyphics Daily Life New Kingdom
1550-1070 BCE Hatshepsut King Tut Ramses II Accomplishments Decline in Power One of the greatest empires ever Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom New Kingdom QUESTIONS? Sources Content Sources:
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