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No description

Jackie Brown

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Vanuatu


Located in the South Pacific Ocean
Economic System
Market Economy
Vanuatu Vatu is weaker than American money
1 of their dollars is equal to 1 penny to us
GDP per capita
3,302.54 USD
Natural Resources
Copra & Kava root extract.
Major Industries
Copra Processing & Fishing
Exports & Imports
Major Export: fish, manganese, & sugar beets

Major Imports: machinery, equipment, foods & fuel
Major Trading partners
Belgium, Netherlands, France & USA
2 interesting facts
Vanuatu is made up of approximately 82 islands that have a volcanic origin.
Dried coconut kernels, where you get oil
From the pepper family, & is used in celebrations like weddings etc.
Vanuatu U.S.
1.00 0.01
10.00 0.10
100.00 1.02
Summer- December to March
Dry Months- May to October
Winter- April to November
By: Jackie Brown
<-- Manganese is an additive
in the coloring of glass
Electric Motor
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