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Where does fresh water come from? Zoos bridge the gap!

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Tom Strasburg

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Where does fresh water come from? Zoos bridge the gap!

Public Utilities Since zoos are seen as credible sources of Conservation Information, utilizing educational displays, exhibits and Interpretive Guides can facilitate understanding and ultimately connection. Zoos Rock!! Connection! People protect what they care about; and care about what they understand. What action can I take to conserve water? Where does your fresh water come from? Soil and Water Conservation Districts Department of Natural Resources Allowing water to naturally replenish water tables and aquifers in the earth is a great help! Plant a garden, rain garden or use a rain barrel! Inside the Discovery and Educational Zones, zoos can provide fun interactive displays that teach people where water comes from. Aldo Leopold said the danger in not living on a farm is to believe that breakfast comes from the refrigerator and heat from the furnace... Also that water comes from the faucet. Maps can help people understand their environment. Here is a map of Central Ohio's Watersheds. This is where the water in Central Ohio Flows. Water is a natural resource that is often taken for granted. There are some great sources of information about fresh water, aquifers, water tables and conservation projects... But how can people understand an issue if they don't even understand there IS an issue? Caring for a wetland can be rewarding work. They are nature's water filters and an important habitat for local species. Part of knowing where our water comes from is knowing where the ice is going! Zoo Discovery Zone Arctic Education Center The Nebraska Water Policy Task Force created this graphic to teach people about natural water cycles. Waste water treatment from Hi-Desert Water District. Sustainable water system in Melbourne Australia. GET INVOLVED!
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