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Is Consumerism a Good Thing?

Is consumerism a good thing? Look at this Prezi to find out! P8NN

Courtenay P8NNER

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Is Consumerism a Good Thing?

Is Consumerism a Good Thing? Well, is it? Consumerism Causation The Idea Consumerism is the idea that we should
actively be consuming more and more! People and Ideas Move From Place to Place and Cause Change. Our Central Idea Its true! Then Great Depression started it all. It was horrible, no jobs and people were starving. After, they started to fear. Buying helped quench the fear. Change "Olden times people" A Simple life. A little hard. NO electricity Look at us. My Central Idea Consumerism Moved From Place to Place and Caused Change. My Central idea Consumerism moved around from place to place and caused change. Perspective Advertizing. Good or bad, its everywhere. I've had an interview
with a PROFESSIONAL! Advertizing targets the age groups,
so if an add for a 40 year old was made, they wouldn't
put it on the T.V very frequently. Did you know you see advertizing
around 5,00 times a day? If you're to make a product, look for holes in the market. PROS How would we live without consumption? We need to buy things to be able to keep the Stock Market going. It lets us have a variety of choice! It makes us HAPPY It means a specialized store for everything CONS Like being forced. The heart of environmental disaster It has become our PRINCIPLE pastime. Unsustainable equality Succeded when no other could! In the pioneering times the were glad for the smallest things. Conclusion Consumerism is not good. No... it isn't Why I Chose This I chose this because... I was interested in the change of our
community's personality Poppy Wilson
Digital Account Director at m/SIX Because even though it helps the economy it destroys the world and we need the world's resources . Thanks to... Wikipedia.org
Youtube.com Search: Big Ideas that changed the world- consumerism

People of Stonepay

Miss Poppy Wilson
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