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What's means volunteering?

No description

sauvage mathilde

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of What's means volunteering?

What's means volunteering?
Who are doing it?
Which sectors volunteers are active?
Be a volunteer!
What are the main activities for a volunteer?
what do you get out of volunteering?
Which are the benefits of volunteering for local communities?
improved employability
facilitate integration
new friends
learning languages
increased self-esteem
learning more yourself
develop new interests
Learning and sharing new skills
being active in society
getting involved
new social experiences
Young adults ( 15 to 30 years)
Elderly ( 50+)
Making projects
Making events
Promotion social, integration and solidarity within the community
Voluntary activities help to develop social and cultural identity.
Inter generational dialogue is reinforced through voluntary activities and service.
Reconnection of the youth with their local communities, increases their tolerance and intercultural skills and contributes to intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.
Promoting sustainable development,humanitarian aid and reinforcing solidarity with others regions and countries.
Voluntary activities, service and organisations can provide interests to people about the local concerns and challenges.
Are performed will the free of individual.
Are developed in the framework of non-profil, non-governmental organizations.
Have no professional character
Are not paid
Carried out the benefit of the community.
What kind of volunteering exist?
International Voluntary Service / Professional Development co-operative
Workcamps, mid-term and long-term stay
Development aid / Development co-operation
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