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on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Brazil

The Amazon Rainforest:
The Amazon Rainforest covers up half of Brazil. It has at least one of every animal specie there.

Carnival: This festival is a big part of Brazilian culture. This is also the longest festival in Brazil at the rate of 6 to 12 or more days. It is not only popular in Brazil but the most popular party in the world.

The Brazil's government is broken up to three parts: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.
The government is in Brasilia.
The government works in the heart of
Hi. Lets learn about Brazil. It will be really fun. I hope you will have fun learning all about Brazil.
The Amazon Rainforest
Brazilian Carnival
Hey, do you want to take a look at the Cathedral of Brasila.

Brazil is a country in South America.
We will learn about the geography, culture, and its government.
Many Brazilians speak Portuguese.
If plan to visit don't forget to bring the Portuguese phase book.
Also, bring an
umbrella if you
are going to the
rainforest area!
Hey, the Christ
the Redeemer
was struck by
lighting on
January 16, 2014.
and who
took a bite
of me?
Uh- oh.
Nothing is
better than the
And a great website to
learn more about the
lighting strike is http://
You won't only
teach. WE will
Okay, Fine
You guys are going teach ... but soon
not now.
"Smallest" Picture Gallery
Brazil's Flag
Map of Brazil
Amazon Rainforest
Iguazu Falls
Small Photo Gallery
Christ The
One of Brazil's Best Beaches,
Alter do Chao, Pará
From upper left: National Congress
of the Federative Republic of
Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek bridge,
Monumental Axis, Palácio da
Alvorada and Cathedral of Brasília.
Big Photo Gallery
Sugar Loaf Mountain

Capybara, the largest rodent in the world in water pond of the Pantanal.
Bigger Photo Gallery
São Paulo, Largest City in Brazil and the sixth city by population
Photo Galleries
Downtown Rio de
Janeiro, area is
also known as the
Huge Photo Gallery
Rio de Janeiro's Metro
at station General Osório station
São Paulo's Metro,
the Blue line
arriving at Metro station Tamanduateí
Brazil's Money
Mini Picture Gallery
Camarão na
Brazil is famous for soccer and its
great soccer players. It is really popular in
Brazil. They had won the world cup more than anyone. They had won the world cup
in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. the team who won them was the Seleção or the Selection. This team wears iconic yellow shirts.
The Dream Team of 1960
This team is considered
the best soccer team of all time. Their 4-1 victory against Italy won them the World Cup for the third time.
Brazil is a nation that enjoys eating its
meats such as beef, chicken and pork. Brazilians have a love of fish. Most Brazilians have no English name such as a small, tart jaboticaba and red acerola berries.
Brazil's best known drink is called the caipirinha which is a type of cocktail made out of lime, sugar, ice, and cachaça (sugarcane liquor)
Brazil's most popular soft
drink is the Guaraná. It is made out of wild Guaraná berries from the Amazon.
Brazilian Dishes:
National dish: Feijoada
Other dishes:
Salgados are popular Brazilian snacks
Camarão na Moranga (see picture in mini photo gallery) is a stew
Picanha steak is a piece of steak
Pudim de Leite a traditional Portuguese dessert made out of eggs, condensed milk, and caramelized sugar
rainforest is also
really wet!
Christ the Redeemer:
The Christ of Redeemer was a gift from Paris, France. The head itself weighs 30 tons. It is also called the Cristo Redentor. It is at Rio de Janeiro.
Iguazu Falls:
The Iguazu Falls between Brazil and Argentina. You can take powerboats to see the falls up close. There is a walkway to see the falls. The Iguazu Falls is made out of 275 smaller waterfalls.
Sugar Loaf Mountain:
The Sugar Loaf Mountain is 1,300 feet above the water and its elevation is 1,299 feet. The mountain is made out of monolithic granite and quartz. you can rock climb up or take 2 cable cars to the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain. The cable cars first started in 1912. Now, the cable cars have glass walls to allow sweeping views of the city. The cable cars are made in Italy and the system carries as much as 1,360 passengers each hour. The first person to rock climb Sugar Loaf Mountain was British nanny Henrietta Carstairs solo in 1817. Today, climbing Sugar Loaf Mountain is a popular sport and there is more than 270 known routes to the summit.
1 real
2 reais
5 reais
10 reais
20 reais
50 reais
100 reais
1 centavo
5 centavos
10 centavos
25 centavos
50 centavos
1 real
100 centavos = 1 real
Public Transportation
Rio de Janeiro:
Rio de Janeiro has buses and subways(called MetrôRio) The buses run 24 hours a day. There are 2 lines and a commuter line.
MetrôRio Logo
Humungous Photo Gallery
Ônibus Low Entry
(Bus of Rio de Janeiro)
São Paulo's Bus
Metro Station
Trianon-Masp Metro Station In São Paulo on Christmas.
São Paulo:
São Paulo has a subway system with four lines in operation, 65.3 kilometers of network, and 58 stations. In the year of 2012, the metro carried 1,098 million passengers.
Every day, the metro network transports about 4.5 million passengers.
The Metro was born on April 24, 1968.

São Paulo Metro logo
Metrô de Brasília
aka Brasília Metro
at Galeria Metro Station
Brazils currency is the real (singular) / reais (plural) (R$)
Can you guess how many arches the Cathedral of Brasila is made out of?
Olympics 2016: Rio de Janiero
XXXI Olympic Summer Games
The motto of The Games Is
Live Your Passion
(English) or
Viva sua paixão
More than 10,500 Olympian Athletes are expected to come.
The Games will be held in "
Barra Olympic Park
"Copacabana Beach"
and "
The Athletes Village
" and more.
There will be 28 Olympic Sports.
The Athletes Village
" is located only five minutes away of the "
Olympic Park
", which will host most of the competitions in Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
See more pictures of
2016 Olympic Areas
at http://www.olympic.org/photos/rio-2016
2016 Olympic (XXXI Olympic Summer Games) Picture Gallery
Rio: Olympic and Paralympic Village – Barra da Tijuca
Olympic Stadium,
João Havelange Stadium
Barra Olympic Park (Night)
Barra Olympic Park (day)
Athletes Village (Under Construction) (Picture took on 9/25/2013 5:48:00 PM
Rio: Aerial View of the Olympic Park – Barra da Tijuca
Rio Olympics Logo
The Games start at August 5 and end at August 21
Some Athletes
Come Back Soon
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