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The Mexican-American War

No description

Jared Quiza

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of The Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American War and Land Cession
Problems Before the War
Problems with Texas
What Caused the War
After the War
The Americans resented following Mexican laws, the Mexican government closed American Immigration, required Texas to pay Taxes, and to enforce these laws the Mexican government sent more troops to Texas.
The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo
The treaty had United States pay $15 million to Mexico and pay off the claims of American citizens against Mexico up to $3.25 million.
During the War
In 1845 Texas was admitted as a slave state, in spite of Northern Objections to spread of slavery, but Mexico still claimed Texas as its own.
The United States promised to police Mexico's boundaries
The United States expanded its territory westward to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast
During the war the US paid Mexico $15,000,000 in consideration of the extension acquired to the boundaries of the US.
During the war it was from California to Mexico City
The Americans wanted to expand their territory westward and stretch from Atlantic to the Pacific.
Trist and General Scott, after two previous unsuccessful attempts to negotiate a treaty, The Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty, with Santa Anna, determined that the only way to deal with Mexico was as a conquered enemy.
The first cause of the Mexican American War were that the Mexican American War was mainly driven by the idea of Manifest Destiny. The belief that the U.S had the right to occupy and civilize the whole continent.
The second major cause of the Mexican American War actually started off with the Texas War of Independence and the subsequent inclusion of that area into the United States.
The first main battle of the Mexican American War was in Palo Alto
Mexicans in the areas the U.S. took from Mexico had the choice of relocating to Mexico or receiving American citizenship with full civil rights.
During the course of the war, around 13,000 American soldiers were killed. The rest some even died from disease and unsanitary conditions during the war.
The Mexican Cession
Mexico gave up a vast region of land known the Mexican Cession.
Together with Texas this land amounted to almost one-half of Mexico.
The loss was a bitter for Mexico because many Mexicans felt that U.S had provoked the war in the hope of gaining Mexican territory.
The U.S agreed to pay Mexico $15 million, they would also pay the $32.5 million of claims U.S had against Mexico.
The treaty promised to protect the 80,000 Mexicans living in Texas and the Mexican Cession.
The city, Guadalupe Hidalgo is a city to which the Mexican Government with the advance of the US forces
The Bear Flag Revolt
The California Republic, also Bear Flag Republic or Bear Republic, refers to a period of revolt by American settlers in the Mexican territory of Alta California against Mexico.

When the capturing of New Mexico and California; in California, Americans led by the explorer John C. Fremont rebelled against Mexican rule
Today, one-third of all americans live in the areas added to the United States in 1848
When the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed and ended the war on February 2, 1848. The United States claimed over 500,000 square miles of new territory.
The United States expanded its territory westward to stretch from Atlantic to the Pacific coast
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