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Art Of Puerto Rico

The different types of art in Puerto Rico

Elizabeth Hitchcock

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Art Of Puerto Rico

Art Of Puerto Rico Visual Art Francisco Oller y Cestero Ramón Fradé Miguel Pou Ramón Fradé
Francisco Oller y Cestero Miguel Pou Art In Everyday Life Tiano Influences Tiano Influences Ancient Art Folk Art Spanish Influences
Performing Art Art Galleries
1875-1954 Tried to capture the life of
"campesinos" (country people).
Is known for his famous painting "El Pan Nuestro De Cada Dia". June 17, 1833 – May 17, 1917 Formed a mastery of combining color to his paintings. Known for his famous paining "El Velorio" or the wake. This painting captures a childs funeral, "baquiné". 1880-1968 Pou tried to reflect to souls of his people and capture the landscaping of his country. Greatly known for his painting, "La Promesa"
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