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iMovie In The Classroom

A introductory PD on using iMovie in middle and high school classrooms. For beginners only.

Kimberly Lehman

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of iMovie In The Classroom

Select Share.
Choose either the movie file type
you prefer or YouTube. Publishing Your Project
(YouTube/Movie Files) Go to the Music icon in the editing browser.
Select a song from your personal iTunes library or a selection from within iMovie/iLife.
Drag the song to where you want it to play within the project. Adjust its length.
Double click the music track and adjust audio volume as necessary. Practice adding Music Click on the Photos icon in the editing browser.
Open iPhoto in the browser and find your saved photographs for this project.
Add your photos to the project either as stills or as cutaways photos – the choice is yours!
Decide whether your photos will be static or have the Ken Burns effect. Adjust as necessary.
Playback project for timing and adjust as needed.
Add additional Transitions between photos and film clips if necessary. Practice adding Photographs

http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/#photos Adding Photographs

http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/#transitions Adding Transitions

http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/#titles Adding Titles

http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/#isight Recording video iMovie Project model What will I have done and learned by the end of today’s session?
What is iMovie?
Project introduction/Facilitator project sample
iMovie project step-by-step
-recording film
-adding titles and transitions
-adding photographs
-adding music
Presentations! Today’s Agenda Science: Students can research an element of the periodic table and create a video slideshow about it; a similar project idea would work with cell development or documenting a dissection.
Math: Students can describe how to solve a particular math skill in a video. Have them enhance the video with photographs.
Social Studies: Students can create a narrated, photo showcasing a particular period in time or region of the world.
English: Create an expository presentation giving instructions on how to use a product. Project Ideas For iMovie

http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/#youtube Publishing Your Project
(YouTube/Movie Files)

http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/#music Adding Music Go to Transitions in the editing browser.
Decide where you want to place Transitions. Select Edit - Split Clip to create a space for Transitions.
Decide which Transition you want to use between Titles and film slides and drag them to the appropriate locations.
Playback entire project and check both Titles and Transitions for timing. Practice adding Transitions Select the “T” for Titles in the editing browser.
Choose a Title option for the beginning of your film project. Drag it to the beginning of your film project.
Choose Titles for each “section” of your project. Drag them into the appropriate places.
Choose a Title option for the end of your film project (Scrolling Credits is ideal). Drag this to the end of your project.
Fill in the necessary information for all Titles. Practice adding Titles Go to File – Import From Camera.
Click “Capture” and Save. Make sure to select “Create New Event” for this first video and give it a name.
Select “Capture” and record your autobiographical narrative from your storyboard.
Playback your video.
Go to File – New Project. Give the title a name, save it as widescreen and do not select a theme.
Drag recorded video thumbnails into new project. Practice recording video Please spend the next 15-20 minutes doing the following:
Storyboarding your project
Selecting images for your project*

*For images, please create a new folder on your desktop and search the internet for images to accompany the project. Once you have found all the images you want to use, import the new folder into iPhoto. Film Project Storyboard and Image Selection Work
Period!!! You will create a short autobiographical iMovie project with the following components:
A video track – this is simply where you narrate your movie
Pictures – you can use pictures from the internet
Music – your music can come from the selection in iMovie
Credits at the end Our End Goal: By the end of this session
you will have:

created your own iMovie project
learned the basics of iMovie
worked with an iMovie project template that can be altered for any subject What will I have learned
by the end
of today’s session? Using iMovie
In the Classroom Kimberly Lehman, Literacy Coach
Skirball Middle School

Any volunteers to go first? Presentation time! Please find this icon
and click
on it! iMovie is a Mac-based program that allows you to create film projects and slideshows. With iMovie you may use film clips captured by a camera or create film through the program itself. You can enhance your clips with music, recorded voiceovers, and pictures. The symbol for iMovie on your computer is: What is

Project screen: The location where you edit raw footage into a completed project How iMovie is Setup Project Library/Edit Project Where all of your in-progress and completed projects are stored. Also where in-progress projects are edited Event Library: Where all of the raw film footage is stored without edits Using iMovie Kimberly Lehman, Literacy Coach
Jack H. Skirball Middle School Use in place of PowerPoint
For BLAST, iMovie can be used for both Independent and Collaborative Stations
Creative way to deliver oral presentations Other iMovie Ideas Making a Photo Slide show with a voiceover narration is easy in iMovie Quick & Dirty Extra Project Create a photo album in iPhoto with images you wish to use.
Drag them into a new iMovie project.
Click the microphone icon in the iMovie panel and click the photo where the narration will begin.
iMovie will countdown from 3 and begin recording your narration.
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