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No description

Laura Chicoine

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Cats

American Short Hair
Turkish Angora
Turkish Van
British Shorthair
Devon Rex
Egyptian Mau
Oriental Shorthair
Havana Brown
Not much space
Healthy Environment
Loving and Caring Family/Owner
Other Care
Watch Them
Develope Health Issues
Feed Properly
Watch children
Not so much when born
Health issues
Handle too much
Mean; growl, hiss, scratch
Pet Cats
Farm Cats
House Cats
Social Pets
Scientific Name: Felis Catus
Average Life Span: 15 Years ( Domesticated Cats)
Daily Sleep: 12- 16 Hrs

The world's most fertile (or productive) cat, whose name was Dusty, gave birth to 420 kittens in her lifetime.
Outdoor cats' lifespan averages at about 3 to 5 years; indoor cats have lives that last 16 years or more.
Blue-eyed cats have a high tendency to be deaf, but not all cats with blue eyes are deaf
Cats have 24 more bones than humans.
Some cats can survive falls from up to 65 ft tall.
When a household cat died in ancient Egypt, its owners showed their grief by shaving their eyebrows.
If you killed a cat in the ages of Pharaoh, you could've been put to death.
Cats have the skillset that makes them able to learn how to use a toilet.
More Breeds
Top 5 Cats for people
with small children.

1. Birman

2. Ragdoll

3. Himalayan

4. Maine Coon

5. Exotic Shorthair
1. Birman
2. Ragdoll
Our Favorites
Sierra- Munchkin Cat

Laura- Exotic Shorthair Cat
3. Himalayan
4. Maine Coon
5.Exotic Shorthair
Cat/ Kitten Chow
Flavored Can food
Dog Food
Softened Cat food for kittens
Calm, Receptive at Training.
Smart/ Intelegent
The Birman cat will let you walk it on a leash if you start early enough. This cat is not the playful type. The Birman will help with childrens reading skills by sitting and listening to the child read. The Birman cat will greet guests at the door instead of running off and hiding.

Over all, the Birman cat is a very calm, inteligent cat that is very well trained.
Enjoys attention
This cat has one of the best manners in the cat kingdom/ family.
Playful; not always active
Get along well w/ children
The Ragdoll cat is very affectionate with people. This cat was named the ragdoll because of its ragdoll characteristics.
In Conclusion the Ragdoll cat does very well with children and is a warm pillow on a cold day.
Quiet, Compassionate
Calm or Playful
The Himalayan cat creates a tight bond with children. They are more active than a Persian, but quieter than a Siamese. This cat loves to play games and be mischievous. The Himalayan cat can get extremely attached to its owner.
Over all, the Himalayan cat can get a little carried away with its playing, but can be very calm and quiet.
Well w/ Children
The Maine Coon cat is very loyal to its owners and is calm. This cat does very well with children. The Maine Coon will play with child and will have a good time.

In Conclusion, the Maine Coon is a very good house cat to have with children.
Calm, Loving
The Exotic Shorthair cat is very soft and caring. This cat is very loyal to their owner(s). The Exotic Shorthair loves human contact and will spend a lot of its time as a lap cat. This cat is not very playful, but it loves to be with you at all times. The cat will eet you at the door when you come home and they will make you fell welcome.

In the end, the Exotic Shorthair cat is very affectionate and will love anybody who takes care of them.








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