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"Ransom of Red Chief" Mood

Honors English 9 Independent Story Project- Q1

Dan Saeed

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of "Ransom of Red Chief" Mood

Introduction Short Story / Term The Larger Picture O. Henry himself was an outlaw, so he used outlaw characters in many of his stories Real World Connection The kidnappers are a good football team who go to play a bad football team, Red Chief Mood "The
Chief" By O. Henry TWO DESPERATE MEN. O. Henry Born to a decently wealthy family but ended up having major problems Charged for embezzlement and fled to Honduras Wrote most of his short stories there Since he was an outlaw and was captured when he came back to the US, his books focus on outlaw characters and them getting their plans thwarted "The Ransom of Red Chief" was one of the last stories he wrote. In it, a pair of kidnappers kidnap the son of a wealthy citizen. However, they end up paying the father to take his son back because he's so troublesome O. Henry Mood Mood The atmosphere in a story Words
Weather O. Henry develops a light and amusing mood in "The Ransom of Red Chief " by using both comedy and irony Humor is a reoccurring theme throughout the story and this helps to set the light and amusing mood The Ransom of Red Chief Two kidnappers kidnap a kid and hope for a ransom
The kid annoys them to exhaustion in various ways
They end up paying the boy's father money to take him back Examples The kidnappers try to get the kid to come
The result: "The kid catches Bill neatly in the
eye with a piece of brick" (Porter 1) The kidnappers get so annoyed of
the kid that they end up paying the
father of the kid $250 to take him back Usually, their plans get thwarted and they pay the price, as did he Literary Criticism "The nearly homonymous "apparition" neatly sets the comic tone, which is upheld throughout this delightful tale by similar rhetorical blunders whenever Bill is quoted by his more erudite partner, whose own pretentious vocabulary includes such preciosities as "undeleterious" and "philoprogenetiveness" (Krstovic 4)
The blunders of the kidnappers (their actions) plus the odd words they use help to set the amusing atmosphere The good football team makes a lot of mistakes and ends up losing to the bad football team because they underestimate them and make a lot of dumb mistakes laugh at the follies of the opposing team. You can think of the readers as the crowd and the mood as the atmosphere The home crowd loves the atmosphere of the game as they His story, "The Cop and the Anthem" also shares a similar mood
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