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Macbeth Transformation

For my English Assignment...

Rebecca Glover

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Macbeth Transformation

Presented by Rebecca Glover Transformation
Of... Shaun plays the role of Macbeth as a Chief Inspector... In this version Plays the role of Banquo, as a Deputy Commissioner Lola Is Chief Commissioner and plays the part of Duncan in Shakepeare's play Macbeth... Dean Lola means sorrow, which suits her character in the play because of her insecurity, fears and threats happening around her, creating a lost character in our minds. Shaun Thrives to be successful and envies Dean because of his position, he is long-term friends with Lola since childhood and betrays her through his ambition to replace Dean. Dean meaning soldier; Teutonic, merciful has a strong relationship with Lola, but that relationship is slightly damaged when he is framed by Shaun. Plays the role of Lady Macbeth and has an occupation as a Nurse. Ava Ava, meaning eagle, gives us the image of a strong, admirable, ambitious yet subtle, mysterious and maybe even threatening woman. Lola is told by a prisoner that she will become Chief Commissioner. Lola wonders about it, but pushes it aside because of her loyalty to Dean. Instead she confides to her best friend, Shaun about the prophesy she has been told, seeing this as an opportunity, Shaun then sets out to plot against Dean. He tells Lola that he believes she will be promoted and will help her. Little does she know that his plot involves getting rid of her too. Lola wants to be Chief Commissioner but her relationship between her and Dean makes her hesitate. She tells Shaun to forget about it and he agrees. Secretly he goes ahead with his plan to eradicate both of them. Plot... Macbeth Lola is is Shaun's best friend. Dean is a loyal colleague of Lola's (her boss). Shaun plots against Dean to demote him, then take his place. Ava is Shaun's wife and Constable Jenkins is a friend and colleague's of Lola and Dean. So let's Recap What We Have So Far.. 6 Months Later Lola has forgotten about the prophecy she was told and resumes her job as normal. Everything is going as usual until Shaun places his plot.
Firstly, Shaun tells Lola that he has a suspicion that Dean is the Drug Dealer Leader and frames Dean by giving him an anonymous tip-off by the gang to a warehouse. Threatens that if he doesn't come at the right time, alone, Lola will be killed. Lola is taken captive by Shaun's men who pretend to be sent by Dean. *** Dean arrives alone and enters, to see it full of drugs etc. Thugs/Druggo's place drugs in Dean's car, diguising them in a jellybean packet. In the warehouse a gas is let off to make Dean disfunctional and eventually pass out. Meanwhile police are tipped off by another anonymous call that the head drug leader can be found at the warehouse (where Dean is). Police discover Dean drugged/dazed and he is arrested.
Afterwards, Shaun innocently heads to Lola's house to tell her about Duncan, finds his men there - Heroically fends them off and Lola is led to believe and trust him. Duncan is obviously fired and sentenced for life, even though he claims he is innocent and has been framed. Lola is promoted to Chief Commissioner and Shaun skips a few ranks and is promoted straight to Deputy Commissioner.. This then just leaves Lola. At the warehouse... Is a strong, smart and understanding character that doesn't have much involvement in the plot until he is forced to kill Shaun after Shaun tries to kill him. Constable Jenkins Plays the role of Macduff and is a very loyal, trustworthy and understanding colleague/friend to Dean and Lola. Constable Jenkins Shaun then hires murderers to kill the men that were involved in framing Dean so that they cannot be investigated/revealed.
Even though Dean is in gaol, Lola visits him regularly and remain friends. Shaun decides to use this against Lola in his plot. He mentions her regular visits to Dean to Headquarters. This then immediately makes them suspicious and wary of Lola, making it hard for them to trust her. She says something to Shaun about them acting differently around her, but he tells her that she's imagining it. Weeks later, Lola is heading home late at night, when she is followed and pushed off the road. Lola manages to crawl out of her car to reach for safety before the men come back and chuck a match in her car to finish it and her off. Lola recognises one of the men that are mates with Shaun before blacking out. Lola comes to in hospital. Her nurse, Ava (Lady Macbeth) knows about Shaun's plot and calls to him to say that his men had failed. Shaun then gives her orders to get rid of Lola somehow. Ava tries to smother Lola but she wakes up and calls for help. Once Lola is released from hospital, she visits Dean and tells him of her suspicions. As she tells him, she remembers the prophesy and realises that Shaun is behind it. Dean then tells her that he too suspected Shaun, but never had any evidence against him to prove it. The next day, Lola heads to work and discovers that Shaun called in sick that day. Lola tells headquarters about her suspicions of Shaun. They in return tell her that Shaun was the one that told them to be wary of her. This confirms her suspicions and the others agree too that Shaun has a lot of explaining to do. Lola tries to contact Shaun but he doesn't answer. Immediately they all rush to Shaun's house... To find Ava has attempted to hang herself. Quickly they get her down and is rushed to hospital. Lola discovers a note on the table from Shaun: By now you have probably realised that I am the one behind Dean's demotion, Lola's attempted murder and Ava's murder also. You may be wondering why I did it, you probably think it was pointless. And maybe you're right, but look at it my way. I realise now that I have failed but I haven't failed from not trying have I? Lola, you might think you know me off the back of your hand... But you don't, there will always be a side of me you will never know. I am an orphan, I have been from the day I was born. The "parents" who raised me, deceived me, pretended to be people they weren't, you can't belong to someone who rightfully weren't yours from the start. Once I found out I was an orphan, something always bothered me. Why didn't my REAL parents want me? What had I done to make them hate me, abandon me? From that day forward I vowed to become someone of substance, someone of power, someone that my real parents wouldn't be ashamed to call me theirs, I could make them proud! I could have a family to belong to, a family to love, a real family. But that's just a fantasy that I made myself believe all these years, this is reality that I'm living in now. Lola you're the closest to a family that I've ever experienced. You were always one step ahead of me. From the start, you had a happy life, you went to University, you had a family supporting you the whole way... Where was mine? Where were they? Sure my carers were there, but do you think its the same? And there's my wife Ava who never understood me, never tried to, she was always there to help and listen to me, but there she could never give me what I really wanted, a family. Sure she was the one that put that rope around her neck... But why do you think she did it? I drove her to it, that's why and now I know what awaits me. Nothing... It's just a world of darkness Lola. That light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off and I'm floating, floating away from this dark place. Maybe we will meet again Banquo, maybe when we meet we can forget that this even happened and be able to laugh and hug one another just like we used to, just like a happy family does. Sorry Lola. When Lola puts down the note, Constable Jenkins heads upstairs.. To find Shaun holding a gun to his head. Constable Jenkins tries to persuade him to down the pistol when Shaun turns the gun on him instead. Constable Jenkins draws his gun and just as he does, Shaun fires, hitting him in the shoulder. Constable Jenkins is then forced to shoot him, killing him. Dean is released from prison... Afterwards... Lola and Dean get married... They both quit their jobs & become full time foster carers... Survives, eventually remarries and adopts three children. Ava... The theme: Is in a modern setting, using today's current police force (police station)
Costumes: The costumes I have chosen are Police Uniforms and Nurse outfits as well.
Dialogue: Today's language (English) - Eliminate "talking to themselves in their head" and express thoughts by their expressions/camera angles/shots, to create more drama or suspense. I have chosen to rewrite Macbeth in today's modern language because it will make it easier fro teenagers/young audiences to relate to this version, considering the fact that they are the target audience. For example: When Lady Macbeth is trying to put Macbeth straight (Shakespeare version - A1S7), I have changed it to modern language to make it simpler and easy to understand:
Ava - Who would suspect anything? We'll be grieving and shocked when we hear that Dean has been arrested and demoted.
Shaun - Now I'm ready to do this, do this with every last bit of energy in me I will do this crime. Now go and be that pretty, pleasant and innocent lady that you pretend to be so well. No one will see the dark side of your heart. Things I've changed... I have chosen to rewrite Macbeth as a cop drama to appeal to the teenage audience because, drama is something that teenagers take an interest in. At this age their minds are orientated around drama, everything is a bigger deal then what it is when you get older. I have chosen police because they are people that we are led to believe are there to help us and protect us. This then creates a dramatic picture that you can't trust anyone no matter what position in society they have.

The most important parts of the play that are involved in Shakespeare's Macbeth is when Lola is told the prophecy of her becoming Chief Commissioner by the prisoner. This scene is relevant to the play because it is the beginning of Shaun's greed to become Chief Commissioner. Although Shaun himself wasn't told the prophecy by the prisoner he seizes this as his opportunity. I have changed Shakespeare's version of this because it creates a more dramatic atmosphere to our young audience, having Lola told the prophecy by the prisoner, then confiding in her best friend Shaun again forces the audience to immediately think of betrayal. Justification Created By Rebecca Glover! Then there's the scene where Lola is run-off the road and rushed to hospital. Her nurse, Ava, is again someone that she trusts. By this time the audience has become to liken Lola through her vulnerable yet srong character and relate to her through the dramatic scenes she's been involved in. The teenage audience are dramatic thinkers, therefore this is how they relate to Lola's character, feeling that they too are betrayed and are all alone in the world.

Once she is released from hospital, she visits her love interest, Dean in gaol, this immediately appeals to the teenage audience because of their imaginative impressions of romance. Romance in gaol = Dramatic and exciting. In this scene we see others starting to suspect Shaun, just like in Macbeth. The next day when Lola turns up to work and Shaun is nowhere to be seen, it adds more drama to the saga. Although it is extremely predictable that Shaun wouldn't turn up to work after attempted murder it keeps the teenage audience guessing and when their predictions come true it makes them feel like they know exactly what is happening and the feelings that the actors are experiencing. Thus creating more dramatic emotion and thinking. Then there's the scene where they all rush to Shaun's house, this scene is filled with suspense which the audience loves. We get an emotional side of things when Lola reads the note from Shaun, which creates a confused side of Shaun's mind that we never knew about, making the audience feel for him. When Constable Jenkins shoots Shaun, the story keeps the same pattern as Macbeth (Shakespeare).

The ending is more of a happy ever after fairytale ending compared to Shakespeare's Macbeth, but this is what the teenage audience enjoys. Through all the suspense and dramatic times in Lola's life the audience likes to believe that real life is truly like that.
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