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English 109 Technical Writing: Summer 2015

No description

Miranda Gardner

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of English 109 Technical Writing: Summer 2015

Day 2

Introduction, Syllabus, and Schedule

Textbook needed: Text:
Technical Communication
by Mike Markel
Eleventh edition

Note to Waitlisters: If a registered student does not come to class for both days you can replace them.
Note to Registered Students: Take a good thorough look at the syllabus and schedule. There is a lot of writing/work in this class. Decide if this is something you want to do.

Prompt Handed out for first assignment (self-introduction)
Begin drafting in class

Remember the Final Copy of the Self Introduction is Worth 50 points
And the Peer Review is Worth 50 points. (100 points)

Due Monday, June 29, 2015, 2015 at the beginning of class.
Continue Writing if Needed and Structured Peer Review

You will most likely introduce the partner you are working with and vise versa.

Chapter 1/Introduction pp. 1-16
Lecture and Introduction to Small Project Management Groups
Memo Activity 1-Worth 25 points-due Monday June 29, 2015


Chapter 2 Ethical and Legal Considerations pp. 17-39
Lecture 2
Memo Activity 2-Worth 25 points-Due Friday April 3, 2015

Week 1
Spring 2016

Item: 4172 MW 1:30pm-3:50pm

Item: 4174 TTH

English 235: Technical Writing
Also known as Business Writing

Instructor Miranda Gardner
Over the Weekend:

Assignment due Monday June 29, 2015 : Self-Introduction-3 paragraph minimum (50 points) and
Peer Review (50 points)
Worth 100 Points
For Next Week:

We will begin Prezi/PowerPoint Presentations and a Business Letter
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