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Robert Arrendell

on 10 July 2018

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Transcript of Enzymes

Enzymes: The Key to Making and Unlocking Energy!
What are Enzymes?
Enzymes are special proteins that can affect
the rate (speed) of biochemical reactions in organisms.
They are catalysts, which are substances that can affect the rate of reactions without themselves being changed or used up.
This allows it to carry out the same function again and again.
The Function (job) of Enzymes
In synthesis, enzymes combine (build up) molecules.
In cellular respiration, enzymes release energy (ATP)
In photosynthesis, enzymes capture energy.
In digestion, enzymes break molecules apart.
Importance of Molecular Shape
An enzyme's shape will only allow it to work on a molecule that it can fit.
Enzymes' shape can be changed temporarily or permanently if high temperatures occur or strong acids (pH of 1-2) or strong bases (pH of 10-12) are present.
What Can Affect the Enzymes Shape?
Let's see our enzymes doing their daily job!
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