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"The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind"

No description

Hanna Smith

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of "The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind"

By Ray Bradbury The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind PLOT Charaterization protagonist - Mandarins daughter because she is the one who give her father advice about what shape to build the wall next and she ends up solving the problem in the end.
antagonist- he Mandarins are the antagonist in the story because they can not get along. Literary Devices Narrative elements Summary The short story "The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind is about two kingdoms in ancient China. The two kingdoms fought by competing against each other. They competed against each other by building and rebuilding the walls, surrounding the kingdoms, into different shapes. The daughter of the one king told her father what to build their walls in order to beat their enemy. After several years of doing this the daughter came to the conclusion that the two kingdoms should build their walls to complete each other. So she decided to tell them to build a kite and the wind to fly the kite. Point of view: third person limited
Setting: ancient china
Conflict: man vs man, man vs nature, and man vs self
Characters: Mandarin, his daughter, Kwan-Si, and the messenger
Mood: frightened, hopeful
Theme: , pride, survival, wisdom, peace, honor, and obsession...ect. Exposition The Mandarin is the main character.
The setting is in Kwan Si, China. And
the problem that he is faced with is
the shape of the wall is a pig and the
shape of his city is an orange. The climax is when they all work together to fix
the build the walls to scare away the boars and
pigs. Climax The whisper told him to rebulid
the city's shape Rising Action They all work together to change the shape of
the wall/city. Falling Action The wall shape is changed and it scared the pigs and boars away. Resolution Similes Irony "...made a sound like a wet cough in the shadows of a room." pg 154 Similes "Death swam in the wetness of an eye..." pg 153
"...growing fat with good luck and prosperity!" pg 153
"...he will likely throw himself from a mountain!" pg 154 Irony
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