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Trial Presentation Software Review

No description

Amanda Howell

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Trial Presentation Software Review

ExhibitView™ 4.2 PC -- $ 499.99

Features? ExhibitView's built in "SlideMaker" is easier than PowerPoint and designed for the legal profession with full PDF support and more. Organize documents in "Hot Docs" folders and/or witness folders. ExhibitView's flexible "drag & drop" technology allows for presenting exhibits quickly. Present full screen or side by side dynamically. Mark up "live" with highlighting, pen tools & call-out zoom. Work with transcripts, synchronized video depositions and much more.

Price Includes 1st Year Maintenance & 2 seats.
Pricing Brief Tutorial This or That
ExhibitView Solutions PREZI Pricing Public - FREE
- all presentations are open to the public
to view
- 100MB of storage space

Enjoy - $59.00 annually
-private presentations, choose who
views them
- ability to insert company logo
- premium support
- 500MB of storage space

Pro - $ 159.00 annually
- ability to work offline securely
-private presentations
- ability to insert company logo
-premium support
- 2GB of storage space A review of Trial Presentation Software Brief Tutorial Brief Tutorial Exhibits Exhibit 2 Exhibit 1
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