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Second Grade Lesson Plan

Slis 220: Group Project

Lee Toney

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Second Grade Lesson Plan

Co-taught by:
Hilary Mcclauin
LeeAnn Toney Second Grade Science Weathering the storm SC Standards:
2-3.5 Observe and identify weather conditions and patterns
2-3.6 Identify safety precautions to use during severe weather conditions
AASL Standards:
2.12: Organize knowledge so that it is useful
2.13: Use strategies to draw conclusions from information and apply knowledge to curricular areas, real-word situations, and further investigations What is the weather like today? Take a look outside Thunderstorms what I Know what I Want to know what I Learned LETS READ!!!!!!!! City Storm
A Rainy Day
Wild Weather: Lightning BRAINPOP VIDEO!!!!!!! http://www.brainpop.com/science/weather/thunderstorms/ LET'S MAKE LIGHTNING 1. Sit the pie plate on the thumbtack and then push the thumbtack through, so it comes up the center on the other side.
2. Position the pen on top of the thumbtack, with the writing side facing up. If the pen won’t stay attached simply by spiking it on the thumbtack, glue it so it’s secure.
3. Have student rub the wool sock vigorously back and forth against the Styrofoam. What does a thunderstorm look like?
What does a thunderstorm feels like?
What does a thunderstorm smells like?
What does a thunderstorm sound like?
What does a thunderstorm tastes like? LET'S MAKE LIGHTNING continued.... 4. Have the student grab the pen and use it like a handle to lift the pie plate carefully onto the Styrofoam. Make sure that we (student and I) do not touch the Styrofoam (this will ruin the observation).
5. Now student will choose someone to get struck by lightning. This person will place their finger closer and closer to the pie plate.
6. ZAP!! Not only should we see a small bolt of lightning, but the person that got struck by lightning should feel a small spark and hear it too. References Brain POP jr. Science-Weather. (1999-2012). Retrieved October 29, 2012, from Brainpopjr: www.brainpopjr.com
The Earth's Gifts. (2000). Retrieved November 13, 2012, from The Water Cycle: http://www.msnucleus.org/membership/html/k-6/wc/pdf/wc2we.pdf
Devlin, W. (1980). Hang On, Hester! Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard.
Hopping, L. J. (1999). Wild Weather: Lightning. Scholastic.
Markle, S. (1993). A Rainy Day. Orchard Books.
Parker, M. (1990). City Storm. Scholastic .
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